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Workers Compensation Investigation | Insurance Fraud | Clearwater | Keck Investigation Service, LLCAfter an employee has an accident, many questions can arise as to the circumstances. A professional workers compensation investigation protects both insurers and businesses from fraudulent individuals. Clearwater business owners should not be too quick to hand out payments. It is a typical reaction to feel at fault in some way. However, the sensible decision for the longevity of your business means being wary of potential scams. Discovering whether or not you are liable can help you avoid costly payments. While you may believe it is not an issue at first, the cost of fees for long-term damage can drain resources.

You may hope a Clearwater insurance investigator would notice issues, but fraudulent individuals know precisely how to game the system. It would not be much of a plan if they did not expect some questions and evidence of their injury. While most people imagine wiretaps and invasive investigative practices, that is an infringement of personal rights. At Keck Investigation Service, LLC, we will interview witnesses and record photos, video, and other evidence in public. This way, your evidence is admissible and not subject to invasion of privacy laws. We operate in a completely legal, effective way that unearths evidence without creating legal issues.

Effects of Workers Compensation Fraud

At times, a workers compensation investigation may involve another employee. It is not worth the time accusing individuals of potential fraudulent acts without evidence or full understanding of the situation. This can strain the employee-employer relationship and can lower morale amongst workers. Instead, hiring a private investigator can provide you with the proof you need. If you have fallen victim to a scam, then the costs can affect you and your business in several ways.

For one, Clearwater businesses will almost certainly have to pay higher premiums. Increasing operating costs will lower your overall revenue. Even if you take steps to reduces losses, it is sometimes unavoidable. If you were to raise the price of items, your business might become less competitive. To mitigate losses, employee cuts may even be necessary. So, the best course of action, in this case, is to hire a private investigator to conduct a workers compensation investigation.

Types of Workers Compensation Classification

There can be many ways to game the system. Since the amount Clearwater employees can receive is limited depending on the injury, fraudulent individuals may present different injuries. The most lucrative disability status is permanent total disability. Though Florida laws are always changing, payments are still typically above $800 a week for permanent total disability. Since permanent classification is for severe injuries, you will want to take a close look using workers compensation investigation services. In addition to this classification, there are:

  • Temporary partial disability
  • Temporary total disability
  • Permanent partial disability

How to Spot Potential Fraudulent Situations

Permanent total disability payments do not have a maximum date. However, even temporary permanent disabilities can receive a maximum of 104 weeks of payments. Before a workers compensation investigation, there can be spontaneous changes in damages. One second, they had a minor temporary injury. Later on, they can change their story. The damage that was once minor and temporary is now permanent. The good thing about these situations for Clearwater business owners is that scammers must maintain the illusion. You cannot debate that you suddenly feel fine after receiving thousands over months or years for their disability. Injuries are typically either faked or exaggerated. Some of the warning signs that a situation may be fraudulent include:

  • There were no witnesses of the incident
  • The injury occurred off work property
  • The employee receives a conflicting diagnosis
  • The incident was not immediately reported
  • The employee quickly hires a lawyer
  • Damage does not fit duties or activities
  • The employee was at risk for termination

Rely on a Professional Workers Compensation Investigation for Evidence

Clearwater business owner who spot potential warning signs still only have circumstantial evidence, at the most. An employee who was aware of pending termination is a high risk for fraud but not immediately guilty. For professional surveillance operations and a workers compensation investigation team you can trust, contact Keck Investigation Service, LLC today at (727) 254-1994 or by going online.