Who Are Accident Investigators, and What Can They Help You with in Florida?

A ski accident

Who Are Accident Investigators, and What Can They Help You with in Florida?

As a civil lawyer, getting cases involving road or jet ski accidents are typical. The difficult part is to prove the client’s innocence and get them a good settlement. It takes time and resources to investigate the equipment and the accident site properly. This is where accident investigative services can help you. Here is how accident investigators can help you and what measures they use.

Marine-Related Accidents

Florida has many marine activities for its residents and visitors, and your client might have an accident due to faulty equipment. It’s harder to prove your client’s innocence and get a good settlement in such a scenario, so your best option is to utilize accident investigative services.

Accident investigators can gather witness statements to strengthen your case, find and review accident footage, assess the damage and its causes on the boat or jet ski, and create detailed reports of their findings to help you build a stronger case. They can also provide you with solid evidence that is admissible in courts.

Road Accidents

Florida has one of the highest hit-and-run cases in the US. Civil lawyers are usually swamped with cases and don’t have the time to conduct thorough investigations to find solid evidence.

Accident investigators can do investigative work, such as evaluating the accident scene, analyzing the vehicle, determining the damage, using state-of-the-art tools to take time-stamp photos and videos, and finding hard evidence. They will then write a detailed report to help lawyers analyze different aspects of the accident and make a strong case.

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Slip And Fall Accidents

Slip, falls, and trips may seem like it’s the client’s fault, but sometimes it isn’t. if an establishment fails to put up a wet-floor sign or fix a broken stairway, clients can file a civil lawsuit. However, the main issue with these sorts of cases is that there’s little evidence to make the case. Accident Investigative services can take witness statements, gather time-stamped footage using special equipment, analyze the floor or stairway and write a detailed report that can be used to win the lawsuit.

Get Accidental Investigation Services With Keck Investigation

At Keck Investigation, our accident investigators can help civil attorneys find solid evidence to strengthen their cases and obtain their client’s better settlements. Our accident investigators can analyze marine-related accidents, road accidents, and slip and fall accidents.

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