When You Need Domestic Surveillance Services, Call Keck Investigation

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When You Need Domestic Surveillance Services, Call Keck Investigation

Domestic surveillance may be necessary if you have reason to suspect wrongdoing in your personal or professional life. Investigators can uncover malpractice, larceny, espionage, cheating, infidelity, abuse, fraud, and other situations so our clients can get the complete truth. Acquiring evidence is often the hardest part of confirming one’s suspicions, but professional private investigators in New Port Richey can surveil, tail, and investigate to find concrete evidence.

At Keck Investigation Service, LLC, we have the experience, tools, and skills to help our clients successfully gather the necessary evidence to take action and address the issues that are plaguing them. Whether that is infidelity, abuse, fraud, or otherwise, New Port Richey clients can rely on our services to help them during a tough time.

What do Domestic Surveillance Services Entail?

When you hire professionals for domestic surveillance services, PIs will work to investigate the people in question. At Keck Investigation Service, LLC, we will create detailed reports, provide copies of hard evidence, draft statements and informed analyses with any new developments or critical information, and more.

Many domestic surveillance investigations utilize cameras, whether for still photos or video coverage. We can follow in vehicles, on foot, and surveil from distances in a discrete, professional way. All of the actions we take are legal, and we ensure that we never break the law (specifically, privacy laws). This way, all the evidence we uncover will stand up in court. Also, it is the right thing to do.

Background Investigations

If you want to investigate an individual and find out more about their history, background investigations are ideal. We can look at criminal history, education, legal issues, and more. This is a common service that parents looking for child care professionals, hiring managers, and other New Port Richey clients utilize.

Child Custody Investigations

Parents going through a custody battle understand that they just want the best for their children. If one parent is unfit to care for your child, we may be able to catch them being neglectful. While we do not want to find this kind of evidence, it can be critical for child custody cases. And, if it means getting your child into the right situation, we are prepared to help.

Infidelity Investigations

So if you have reason to believe that a loved one is being unfaithful, we can find out the truth. Our domestic surveillance services in New Port Richey can reveal where they spend their time, their habits, who they are seeing, and what they are doing. We provide clients with photo and video evidence. This evidence allows you to decide what actions to take with the results of our findings.

For Domestic Surveillance Services in New Port Richey, Trust Keck

At Keck Investigation Service, LLC, we have the resources and discretion to provide New Port Richey clients with the domestic surveillance services they need. Our services can uncover answers and provide clients with evidence they need to handle a situation of concern. So to schedule a consultation with a private investigator, contact us online or give us a call at (727) 254-1994. Our agency is licensed and insured, and our experience brings our clients the results they need.