What Does a Child Custody Investigator Look For?

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What Does a Child Custody Investigator Look For?

Most child custody cases are intense and consist of allegations from both sides lodged against one another. With a private investigator, you can tilt the evidence in a certain direction. A private investigator can perform various investigative functions to collect the information required to prove the claims of their clients.

Here, we discuss what a child custody investigator looks for.

1. Getting the judge on your side

Credibility and evidence can help you get the judge on your side. Once a judge is on your side, you can expect a more favorable outcome.

While investigating the cheating spouse when they’re with the child is important, running surveillance when they’re not with the child is equally important. Determine with whom they’re spending their time. What are their activities? Most people engage in negative or nefarious activities in isolation.

Some people do it when they’re with or without the child. In cases such as these, a custody investigator covers all their bases. Remember, children are one of the most important things in our lives and we should look after them to the best of our abilities.

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2. Destroying the credibility of the other side while establishing yours

Credibility is one of the most important factors in court. If the other side doesn’t look credible to the court, it’ll automatically increase your credibility.

3. Obtaining evidence legally that supports your allegation

If you’re claiming that the parent is involved in negative behaviors like criminal activity, drugs, drinking, and driving, or whatever it may be, having legally obtained evidence that supports this factually, clearly (and documented appropriately) now becomes evidence. This is what courts weigh. Note that courts don’t like to hear ‘she said this, or he did that’ – they want evidence. If you have photos, videos, reports, etc., the court will definitely consider them.

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