What Does a Child Custody Investigator Look For?

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What Does a Child Custody Investigator Look For?

We understand the delicate nature of child custody investigations. Our child custody investigations in Hernando County focus on the child’s treatment, wellbeing, and safety. Our goal is to thoroughly examine how the parent in question is treating their child, gather evidence, and present our findings.

Since our private investigators are trained in child custody, they understand how to spot the signs of neglect and abuse. We use our resources and equipment to legally capture photos and video evidence and document our findings.

Read as we describe what a child custody investigator looks for:

Neglect or abuse

If the other parent is abusing their child in any way or isn’t properly supervising or caring for them, you’ll need evidence to safeguard your client’s child. While our investigators can’t enter the other parent’s private home, they can still observe activities outside the home and capture documented proof that can be used in court.


The parent’s lifestyle

The court will examine the lifestyle of both parents. If your client shares custody and truly believes that the other parent isn’t living a life that’s appropriate for a child, confirm your suspicions through surveillance conducted by a private investigator.

We’ll look for things like excessive gambling, criminal activity, impaired/reckless driving, as well as other irresponsible behaviors that may harm your client’s child.

Substance abuse

If there’s one thing that the court never looks at favorably, it’s alcohol abuse or the use of illegal substances, especially if this activity is happening in front of the child.

Our private investigators will perform surveillance operations and observe the other parent’s activity as they go about their day. We’ll include all the findings in a report, as well as photos and video evidence.

Is the parent capable of providing a stable home?

The court makes decisions relating to child custody with the child’s best interest in mind. The court considers where the child will be able to live safely.

Some of our clients use our services to gather concrete evidence that the custodial parent cannot properly care for the child — evidence they can present to the court to modify their custody agreement.

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Keck Investigation Service’s child custody investigations in Pasco County, Hernando County, and Pinellas County can help you obtain case-winning information.

Keck Investigation Service’s child custody investigations in Hernando County, Pinellas County, and Pasco County will allow you to have accurate and reliable evidence of the factors that courts would bear in mind when making decisions. This evidence offers you a firmer case for child custody.

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