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Undercover Investigator | Tampa Bay | Keck Investigation Service, LLCThe job of an undercover investigator is to bring clients answers. Whether a company needs to investigate internal theft, or a Tampa parent wants to check the background of a potential nanny, Keck Investigation Service, LLC has the experience and expertise to get you the results you need. For domestic investigative services at a personal, commercial, or corporate level, trust us to uncover the truth.

Undercover Investigator Services

An undercover investigator has the background, training, and experience to help you with many situations. At Keck Investigation Service in Tampa, we specialize in:

  • Accident investigations
  • Background investigations
  • Criminal investigations
  • Pinellas County process server
  • Child custody investigations
  • Domestic covert surveillance operations
  • Infidelity covert surveillance operations
  • Insurance fraud covert surveillance operations
  • Missing person investigations
  • Nationwide financial investigations
  • Worker’s compensation covert surveillance operations
  • Counter surveillance and cyber crimes

As a veteran-owned and operated agency, we place a high value on professionalism, reliability, precision, and confidentiality. We are licensed (Agency Number: A1100081) and insured for our protection and our client’s. The goal of our work is to bring you the answers you need while being timely, cost-effective, and accurate.

What Happens During Undercover Investigations?

Our undercover agents are trained, qualified, and experienced in the art of covert surveillance and investigation techniques. We not only have the experience necessary, but the dedication and work ethic to ensure that we bring back results for our Tampa-area clients. Operations typically involve stages, beginning with planning. The planning phase involves discussing a client’s case, performing initial investigative groundwork (background checks, employment history, etc.) and creating a plan. Then, the agent will begin fieldwork, following a subject, recording their actions, and gathering evidence. Depending on the size of the investigation, this can last anywhere from a few hours to the span of a few months.

In summary, an undercover investigator can:

  • Physically follow the subject
  • Record their whereabouts and activities through pictures, videos, and notes
  • Conduct background checks and draw up reports
  • Analyze behaviors and patterns
  • Interview suspects and witnesses
  • Gather statements and testimonies
  • Set up surveillance operations including cameras and video recordings
  • Track subjects and materials

Covert Surveillance Operations

Covert surveillance is the perfect tool for uncovering a person’s whereabouts, behaviors, and habits. Simply put, it is a way to find out the truth of what they are doing, where they are going, and who they are with. This service is ideal for:

  • Eldercare/nursing home abuse
  • Monitoring a teen
  • Childcare/nanny surveillance
  • Child custody cases
  • Infidelity investigations
  • Workers’ compensation cases

An undercover investigator relies on three different types of surveillance: electronic, covert, and physical. Physical surveillance involves hitting the streets and following the subject, snapping pictures, recording video, and more. Covert surveillance relies on hidden cameras and closely tailing a subject when they move to a private but still public location. Covert operations involve an extra level of discretion and concealment to ensure the subject does not know that they are being observed. Electronic surveillance uses technology to monitor the subject, including cameras, computers, and other elements like social media.

Choose Keck Investigation Service, LLC in Tampa Bay

By choosing an undercover investigator at Keck Investigation Service, LLC, you benefit from:

  • Ease of Contact — We make sure that lines of communication are open and honest so that you never have difficulties reaching us and getting the information you need.
  • Wide Network of Resources — We rely on our extensive experience and connections that reach far beyond Tampa Bay to enhance our investigation skills and abilities to exceed our client’s expectations.
  • Scalable Services — Whether you need a company-wide investigation into fraud or a simple background check on someone, we can scale our services to meet your needs.

Confidentiality and discretion are of the utmost importance to us, and we promise to use our abilities to get you the results you need while remaining undetected. By choosing Keck Investigation Service in Tampa, you get a team that is committed to collecting the information and evidence you need. An undercover investigator will help confirm your suspicions and bring justice to the situation.

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