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Undercover Investigator | St. Petersburg | Keck Investigation Service, LLCWorking with an undercover investigator in the St. Petersburg area is the best way to obtain the information you need. Whether you want to find a person, evidence, property, or information, a professional private investigator is the best choice for results. It is best to hire professionals because they have the training and tools to be discrete.

Are Undercover Investigators Legal?

In short, yes. Hiring a professional undercover investigator does not break any laws. There are certain things that PIs can and cannot do though. Above-the-board investigation services in St. Petersburg will ensure that they do nothing to break the law.

In general, PIs cannot:

  • Impersonate a police officer
  • Trespass
  • Wiretap a phone
  • Tamper with mail
  • Access private financial information or accounts (including credit information)
  • Access criminal or phone records

There are legal ways for an undercover investigator to uncover relevant information without breaking the law. Professional PIs will not resort to actions like harassment, bribery, or being deceitful to garner the information they need. Instead, we have developed tactics and methods that uncover details and information without violating rules or laws. Plus, certain information could be excluded from a legal case if it was obtained in a way that broke the law.

What an Undercover Investigator Can Do

Using a variety of resources and databases, an undercover investigator can help you in many ways. Using a multitude of devices and tools, PIs can acquire information. Some of these implements may include binoculars, cameras, or zoom lenses. They may also use night vision equipment, recording devices, trackers, and more. This list is always growing because the industry is always evolving. These all help a PI:

  • Locate an individual
  • Locate property
  • Gather evidence
  • Obtain background information

Locate an Individual

Whether a loved one has gone missing, you want to locate an adoptive parent, or you need to serve your spouse divorce papers, they may be difficult to track down. An undercover investigator in St. Petersburg can help you find someone by identifying their current address, contact information, and more. Usually, they rely on past addresses and public records to find a person’s whereabouts. Those who do not want to be found can be very elusive, but a professional has experience and knowledge to pinpoint their location.

Locate Property

Cases such as divorce require the division of assets and property, so many people need to learn about any hidden properties their spouse owns. PIs can use property records, mortgage information, property transactions, bankruptcy filings, and more. The PI can find property that a person owns and any they previously owned that is relevant to your case. This includes private and commercial properties in St. Petersburg and beyond because they are in public record.

Gather Evidence

Evidence can make or break a case because it demonstrates fault. If you have been in an accident, or you need to prove something, evidence is key. An undercover investigator can help you gather evidence of:

  • Unfaithful partners
  • Child neglect or abuse
  • Elder abuse or neglect
  • Fault in accident cases
  • And more

Much of the evidence a PI can gather comes from social media, public internet activity, in-person surveillance, and more. An example could be pictures of a partner out in St. Petersburg with another person at the time they said they were at the office, working. Or, someone may have posted something on social media right before the time of a collision, which shows they were not paying attention.

Obtain Background Information

There are many reasons why someone in St. Petersburg would require background information on another person. For example, if parents want to learn more about a nanny or tutor before hiring them to spend time around their kids and allowing them into their home. Or, perhaps an employer wants to ensure that the person they are considering for hire does not have a criminal background. Regardless, an undercover investigator can locate state, federal, and local records to provide you with the information you need.

Work with a Keck Investigation Service Undercover Investigator

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