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When seeking discreet investigative services, Clearwater residents have the option to hire a private investigator agency. Many situations throughout Oldsmar, both personal and business, can require an undercover investigator. For instance, if you believe a partner to be guilty of infidelity, surveillance services from the right agency can provide you with answers. One of the significant benefits of hiring a professional is accountability.

If you are investigating a partner, family member, or friend, then you want to avoid any infringement of their rights. In many shows and movies, individuals record phone conversations or bug another’s room. However, that is an invasion of privacy and would put anyone at risk for a lawsuit or arrest. Also, evidence gathered through illegal means cannot be used in court. Residents and businesses throughout the Oldsmar area are better off hiring a group like Keck Investigation Service, LLC. With our agency.

Keck Investigators is a fully bonded, licensed and insured Florida undercover investigator. Our undercover investigators have gone undercover working in bars, retail shops, sporting shops, and many other locations to acquire the needed information. Whether you need someone in your business to spot theft or drug abuse, let us get the job done for you. Our Clearwater private investigators are available for you 24 hours a day.

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Benefits of Hiring an Undercover Investigator

Dealing with a professional undercover investigator affords specific benefits. If you are a Clearwater business owner, then you can save on costs. Many companies in Oldsmar may hire an agency to investigate situations involving fraud. You may think going to the police is more straightforward, but you need evidence of a crime. Also, police do not have the time and resources to look into a mere hunch. They also cannot provide comprehensive surveillance.

A simple mistake can end up affecting your relationships or the overall investigation. If you lease out the property, then services like background investigations can alert you to red alarms. Information detailing past criminal history or bad business practices may come up. Simply checking a credit score may not be enough to avoid risky renters. Oldsmar clients of Keck Investigation Service, LLC can benefit from experience and talent, resources not available to average people, and results.

Experience and Talent

Working as an undercover investigator requires a deep understanding of how to communicate and draw answers from people. Without a talent in reading and dealing with investigative cases, you may not gain any evidence for your investigation. Both Mark Lynn and David G. Keck are each a licensed undercover investigator with over 30 years of combined experience.

As a veteran-owned company, Keck Investigation Service, LLC has the experience and knowledge to delve into cases discreetly. Many business and CEOs employ an agency for extra protection. Individuals in Clearwater worried about their privacy can even have rooms swept for surveillance devices. TSCM (technical surveillance counter-measures) have become more intricate and harder to detect. Oldsmar clients can benefit from precise technologies that can pinpoint hidden devices.

Investigation and Surveillance Resources

If someone is running a scam, insurance companies often do not have the resources to dedicate a comprehensive investigation. Getting information not available to the public is not simple and requires the proper resources. Clearwater clients working with Keck Investigation Service, LLC can receive information that sketchy individuals would rather stay hidden. Instead of getting caught off guard, you can find out who you are truly dealing with.

Get Results. Choose Keck Investigation Service, LLC

In many situations, hiring an undercover investigator can make all the difference. Getting the results Oldsmar residents need is the goal of any professional agency. Many times, the only reason certain crimes are revealed is through an undercover investigator. Cases of infidelity and dishonest individuals can also be resolved with the right investigative firm.

While adultery may not affect the outcome of a dissolution case, it can if a spouse uses marital funds or assets for adultery. In a case like that, then you may receive compensation. An uncover investigator can provide additional services such as process service. Getting documents to the right person is difficult if you cannot even locate them. Clearwater residents can contact Keck Investigation Service, LLC today by going online, calling us at (727) 254-1994.  Or click here to get directions to our office. We are now serving New Port Richey, Dade City, Trinity, Hudson and surrounding cities in Pasco County.