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Tenant Background Check | Tampa | Keck Investigation Service, LLCOwning a commercial location or private residence that you rent out in Tampa can be highly beneficial, but it can also put you at risk. With the rise of private homeowners renting out properties, it is critical that individuals conduct a tenant background check. Background checks not only save you from losing out on payments due to untrustworthy renters but also can keep you from legal issues. Investigating someone’s history will bring to light information that someone may be actively attempting to hide.

The first line of defense for businesses are their applications. With this, you gain an individual’s Social Security Number, past housing information, previous employment records, and more. However, the issue arises when it comes to verifying this information and identifying any false information. Rather than taking the time to investigate these sensitive matters properly, owners sometimes instead opt out and take people’s word at face value. Just speaking with the renter does not mean you gain an accurate representation of their character. At Keck Investigation Service, LLC, we provide Tampa landlords the opportunity to ensure that they are renting out to the right people. Instead of waiting until an individual disappears with damages or property, you can locate warning signs beforehand with a tenant background check.

How Does a Tenant Background Check Lower Risks?

The most significant risk for renters lies in fraudulent individuals. While not commonly reported, millions of dollars are lost each year due to seasoned scammers. So, how precisely does one avoid detection when gaining verification for your property? The primary tools at their disposal are a team and false documentation. With new advancements in printing and software, scammers can ensure that their information looks legitimate on the surface. Instead of relying on cheap online background checks, it is best to hire a private firm familiar with these cases. The last thing you want to deal with is a renter who disappears midway through a lease without notice or any means of contact. A tenant background check provides benefits like:

  • Avoiding criminals and scammers
  • Lowering chances of lost revenue and difficult turnovers
  • Keeping other tenants safe

Avoiding Criminals and Scammers

The most significant advantage of working with Keck Investigation Service, LLC is protection from those who know how to evade detection. Individuals may work with a team to defraud groups in different cities or even states. While using different names, individuals can steal thousands of dollars from businesses a year without notice. Most criminals are caught returning to the scene or attempting further crimes after notice. Rent scammers will instead ensure that they are difficult to locate and do not return to the area. An investigator local to the Tampa area provides professional investigative services to discern if someone is part of a scam. With a tenant background check, you can better gauge a person’s character.

Preventing Lost Revenue and Difficult Turnovers

Despite stealing from previous Tampa businesses, individuals may suffer no repercussions. The most opportune time to create confusion and make it difficult for owners is during a turnover or at the end of a lease. During this time, TVs and other furniture can disappear without notice. If the individual has done this before, then you can find out beforehand.

Protecting Your Tenants

The actions of a bad renter can affect your reputation and disrupt others renting in your location. Issues that other residents have to deal with can mean losing out on customers and negative reviews. Improving the satisfaction of your tenants and reducing headaches begins with avoiding troublesome renters. The better you are at conducting a tenant background check, the safer your property will be. Tampa property owners can rely on experienced investigators to get the information they need.

Take Advantage of Other Services from Keck Investigation Service, LLC

Besides tenant background check services, individuals renting a property can invest in criminal investigative services and more. The private investigators at Keck Investigation Service, LLC have decades of combined experience helping clients throughout the Tampa area. To learn more and benefit from professional services, you can go online or contact us today at (727) 254-1994.