How Do I Know If My Spouse is Cheating on Me?

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How Do I Know If My Spouse is Cheating on Me?

Getting married requires a huge leap of faith. Some couples live their vows daily and remain faithful “until death do they part.” Unfortunately, there is an increasing number of people who cheat on their spouses. Certain telltale signs will alert you to the possibility of infidelity and help you determine whether or not you need infidelity surveillance services. Here are the most common indicators that your spouse is cheating on you.

They Have New “Friends”

Is your spouse spending a great deal of time with someone else but insisting that they are “just friends?” While it may start innocently, your spouse may feel they have a lot in common with this person, which can pave the way for cheating. If your spouse is spending more time with this person or speaking about them more often, that should sound alarm bells.

They Make Secret Phone Calls

Is your spouse receiving strange phone calls at unusual hours? Are they unable to take the call in front of you? Do they delete their call history or hang up as soon as you enter the room? All of those scenarios are indicators that your partner might be chatting with the object of their affection.

They Need Space

Has your spouse told you directly that they require more space, or has their behavior changed to signal that they want more privacy without a real explanation why? That might be because they need more space to connect with the person they are having an affair with. It might also be because your spouse is confused about their feelings and believes that time and space will help them sort themselves out.

They Change Work Habits

Is your spouse working late more often? They might be trying to get ahead, or they might be secretly meeting with someone for a romantic tryst. Unless your spouse has recently been given more responsibility at work, is taking on a big project or is working on something that would require more time at the office, this could be a sign of something illicit.

Their Behavior is “Off”

Is your spouse saying they are going to be somewhere, and they aren’t? Have you caught them in a lie?  Is clothing missing from the closet? Do you find receipts or bills for purchases that you don’t know about? That should be cause for concern.

Listen to Your Intuition

Often, the best indicator of whether your spouse is cheating or not is your gut instinct. If you just can’t shake the feeling, it might be because you are right, and your suspicions warrant further investigation.

These indicators may signal that your spouse is unfaithful to you, but the only way to know for sure is to hire professional investigators to get peace of mind. For discreet, effective infidelity surveillance in St. Petersburg, call us today.