Risks in Online Dating

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Risks in Online Dating

Millions of people are getting into online dating, hoping to find that perfect someone. Online dating services are thriving as men and women post photos and ads of themselves searching for the perfect mate. While logging on can be a great way to meet your match, it has certain risks.

Here, we highlight some of the risks in online dating:

Human trafficking

Meeting up with strangers isn’t a good option because human trafficking has become a rising issue – and traffickers use social media to lure people into dangerous situations that may get them trafficked.

Remember, we’re not scaring you away from meeting up with new people; we’re helping you understand the risks so you can be safe. Be suspicious if your new lover wants you to model for them or offers you a job. Online job offers are one of the most common ways to lure people into being trafficked.


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The cyber-world doesn’t always guarantee online safety and security. While your new partner may appear trustworthy, you may also be a victim of identity theft and other scams. It doesn’t matter how hard you fall for someone online, don’t give them your personal pictures, ID number, home address, bank account details, or anything that gives them personal access to your life, especially if you’ve never met them before.

 Often, people pretend to want a relationship online and then start asking for things like nude pictures or money. Avoid sending any of these.

Fake accounts

People over the internet aren’t always honest about who they are. This means you can get cat-fished (when someone uses a fake online persona to lure you into a relationship). In addition, people might be in a real-life relationship and treat you as a side dish.

This won’t just leave you disappointed, but you might also have to deal with a broken heart.

To ensure a fake profile isn’t scamming you, download the person’s profile picture and do a quick Google image search. If the person is using the picture of someone else, the results will notify you.

Plus, if you’ve been ‘dating’ someone online, but they don’t want to meet in person, it’s a huge red flag. This may mean that they’re not really who they’re pretending to be.

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