Investigation Agency- Reasons to Hire for Your Child Custody Case

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Investigation Agency- Reasons to Hire for Your Child Custody Case

There are several reasons why you may be seeking custody of your child. Usually, one parent has a suspicion that the other parent is unfit or unable to provide the right environment to nurture a child. Unfortunately, the courts cannot just take your word for it. Child custody is a legal battle, and your strategy must be rooted in facts and evidence in order to gain an outcome in your favor. Our investigation agency will help you acquire this information in a prompt and discreet manner. 

How an Investigation agency Will Help You Win Custody

Gathering impactful evidence is not something everyone is qualified to do on their own. Custody is a high stakes battle, which is why you should consider relying on the expertise and training of private investigators. Hiring an investigation agency here in St. Petersburg will ensure that no stone is left unturned and all the critical evidence is gathered for your case.

You can expect your investigator to look into things like whether or not a child’s basic needs are being met, if there is a presence of drugs or alcohol in the home, or if the child is being physically or emotionally abused.

a Private Investigation Agency will look into…

  • the morality of the parent
  • level of parenting skills
  • existence of a criminal record,
  • whether or not there is violence (physical, mental, emotional, or sexual) present in the home.
  • That a child is being adequately fed, clothed, and has appropriate shelter.
  • Investigators will also testify in court according to their findings.

Experience and Training 

Private investigators are driven by fact-finding and unearthing evidence that supports your custody battle. While each case is unique, they focus on gathering evidence that shows that you are better able to meet the child’s physical and psychological needs than the other parent.

Specialized Skills, Equipment, and Surveillance

Many private investigators come from diverse backgrounds, such as law enforcement, military, or other professions that include skilled information gathering. They can not only do the legwork, but they are also well trained in the processes and observation needed to build a solid custody case.

Experts from an investigation agency in St. Petersburg will do background checks on the other parent and also on any other people who may be in regular contact with your child through their association with the other parent. Investigators will be useful in inspecting finances, lifestyle, and in locating people that can help your case.

Legally, you can’t record the other parent or record their phone calls. Your investigator, however, can record them in public areas where they may be demonstrating behavior that is contrary to good parenting or to your current custody agreement.

There are many reasons a parent might choose to hire a private investigator in a child custody battle, but the most important one is when you are concerned about your child’s safety. Relying on the expertise of an investigation agency here in St. Petersburg is your best bet to getting the outcome that you need. Call us at (727) 254-1994 or contact us online.