Process Service & Interpreter Services

service of civil documents, divorce papers, eviction notices, summons and subpoenas

Process Services

Keck Investigation Service, LLC is here to handle all your Non-Enforceable Civil Process Service Needs. If you require the service of Civil Documents, Divorce Papers, Eviction Notices, Foreclosure, Medical Records Subpoenas, Summons and Subpoenas just give us a call. Should you need Court Records collected or copied, Mobile Notary Service, an Individual Located or Skip Tracing we have you covered there as well.

Process Services | St. Petersburg | Keck Investigation Service, LLC

Interpreter Services

Keck Investigation Service, LLC now have 5 languages for interviews or providing interpretation services: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and Dari. These language services can prove invaluable during surveillance, taking witness statements, legal services, medical services, whatever the project, no matter how large or small the task get experienced hands on assistance.