How a Private Investigator Conducts Surveillance Investigations

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How a Private Investigator Conducts Surveillance Investigations

Surveillance investigations can provide information about a person’s whereabouts and actions, a place, or a thing. Most often, a private investigator will rely on specific tactics and equipment to record or acquire the information and create a report for the client. Clients in Tampa Bay can rely on a PI to get the results they need, whether that is confirmation that a spouse is cheating, evidence of fault in an accident investigation, or to help make professional decisions. What matters is that the PI provides them with timely, accurate information that gives them everything they need to know. Experienced, professional PIs are discreet, accurate, and capable, gathering solid evidence for clients.

How Does a Private Investigator Conduct Surveillance Investigations?

Many surveillance investigations rely on tools for success. The arsenal of a private investigator in Tampa Bay may include:

  • Digital cameras with zoom lenses
  • Binoculars
  • Audio recording devices and video cameras
  • Night vision optics
  • Satellite navigation and GPS units
  • Covert/hidden cameras
  • Bug detection equipment

These are just a few tools of the trade that allow a PI to acquire evidence like photographs or video recordings for their clients in Tampa Bay.

Types of Surveillance Investigations

There are three main different types of surveillance investigations: mechanical, human, and finally, covert/overt. Mechanical uses electronic monitoring, stationary device surveillance, and other forms of technology to surveil the subject. This is beneficial because it can remain in-place 24/7, unlike humans. Human surveillance relies on manpower to physically and actively watch, observe, follow, and gather information. It may include stakeouts or multi-person operations. Finally, covert/overt observations occur in public spaces with surveillance equipment (think of a store with CCTV or a casino). Covert is discreet and undetected while overt is more obvious and apparent for the subject.

Private Investigators: Professional Ethics and Legal Guidelines

While on the job, a private investigator has to abide by a code of ethics as well as abiding by the law. There are certain lines a PI cannot cross, not only for privacy laws, but because any evidence acquired illegally is not admissible in court. This means PIs have to be conscientious, patient, resourceful, and also knowledgeable.

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