What a Private Investigator Can and Cannot Do

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What a Private Investigator Can and Cannot Do

With the media portraying professions in a drastically different light than reality (imagine doctors and lawyers), a private investigator is no different. While PIs do have the power to undergo covert surveillance, tail persons of interest, and pull records from databases, the limits of the job are not portrayed with accuracy in media. This is a quick look at what, realistically, PIs can and cannot do for clients in Tampa Bay and beyond.

What a Private Investigator Can Do

There are many ways that a private investigator can help Tampa Bay clients unearth information that they need. Whether you want to conduct a car accident investigation or catch a cheating significant other, a PI can help you get to the truth. PIs can help:

  • Find addresses (past and present)
  • Identify birthdates and names
  • Locate records of birth, marriage, divorce, arrest, and death
  • Locate and interview witnesses for civil or criminal lawsuits
  • Research family history
  • Identify owners of property
  • Conduct surveillance (whether remote, mobile, or stationary)
  • Investigate individuals and look up their history

This is just a short list of actions that a private investigator can take, legally, for clients in the Tampa Bay area.

What a Private Investigator Cannot Do

Private investigations are limited in certain aspects of the law. PIs are not vigilantes who can use whatever powers possible to gather information, without regards to private property, privacy laws, and more. Consequently, PIs cannot:

  • Break into a house or other private property
  • Record individuals without their knowledge
  • Pretend to be law enforcement
  • Harass individuals or businesses
  • Place GPS trackers on cars without permission
  • Hack into computers without permission
  • Open closed mail

Professionals operate under a code of ethics and will not do anything that puts those ethics at risk. While PIs are excellent at uncovering information, it’s important to keep your expectations realistic. Remember, Hollywood portrays professions like this very differently than what they are like in reality.

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