Keck Investigation Service – Missing Persons Investigation

Are you looking for a long-lost friend or family member? A witness for an upcoming trial? An heir or a beneficiary? A runaway teenager? One of your birth parents? Our missing person investigators in FL can help find the person you’re searching for before it’s too late. Our missing person investigators in FL have years of experience finding or locating missing persons!

There can be many reasons why someone may need a missing person investigations in FL. Whether you’re a law firm that needs help locating an important individual, a person seeking answers, or a concerned family member, our professionals will provide top-notch investigation services for missing persons to help you locate missing persons locally in Florida.

How our missing persons private investigative services can help you

In this day and age, locating someone between moving, changing phone numbers and names, etc., can be difficult, even if you take help from the internet. This process becomes even more complex when the person you’re trying to reach is trying not to be found.

Through a combination of surveillance, evidence gathering, conferring with law enforcement, interviewing suspects and witnesses, and digital private investigation services (including database searches such as record searches and asset searches), our missing person investigators in FL can help you in your efforts to locate the person you’re seeking.

We’ll then compile our analysis and findings in a written report regarding the whereabouts and circumstances of your missing person.

Let our missing person investigations services in FL locate the person you’re seeking

Are you looking for an investigator to find a missing person? Begin the process of getting answers today. You can schedule a confidential appointment with one of our missing person investigators in FL by calling us at 727-254-1994.

Why choose Keck Investigation Service?

Tracking someone down involves a lot of investigative work upfront. At Keck Investigation Service, our missing person investigators in FL routinely perform background checks, surveillance, etc., to find your missing person.

Regardless of how complex the case is, your missing person can almost always be found. While it’s not quick or easy in many cases, we’ve become experts at this after doing it for years.

If you need to locate someone, please call us now at 727-254-1994 or use our online form at  We specialize in difficult missing person cases in Florida!