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Missing Person Investigator | Tampa | Keck Investigation Service, LLCWhen it comes to situations like a missing person case, sometimes it is best to take the initiative and hire a missing person investigator. Law enforcement can only do so much, and most of the work only occurs within the first 48 hours. We have wrote a blog on the question ” Do you have to wait 48 hours to report someone missing“. We highly encourage you to read it. Tampa residents desperate to find an individual can instead choose to hire a private investigator.

An investigative professional is much better at locating an individual who cannot be found. After a couple of days, law enforcement typically calls off significant search efforts. That means, besides a lucky tip and missing person reports sent across the country, there is often no dedicated investigator searching for the individual or individuals.

Hiring the “Right” Investigator

Rather than worrying that the investigation is not getting the attention it needs, the right investigative agency can provide more assistance. Tampa residents can rely on a missing person investigator to uncover the facts and details of the situation.

The private investigators at Keck Investigations, LLC have decades of combined experience in surveillance and professional investigative services. Hiring just any investigator will not get you the results you want. Just like a doctor or mechanic, if you are investing your time and money, you want to work with those who know about missing persons cases.

It is often difficult for law enforcement to focus all their attention on a single case. Tampa investigators and officers alike can have dozens of other cases and patrols to worry about. It is also pertinent that you get help as soon as you are aware someone has disappeared. A missing person investigator can rush to locate the individual. Quick action saves lives, and the longer you wait, the more difficult it can be to find someone.

Major Benefits of Working with a Missing Person Investigator

Besides being able to focus more on an individual case, a missing person investigator from Keck Investigations, LLC can work on your case where police may not be able to. Depending on where you live, Tampa police may not be able to coordinate searches in other jurisdictions efficiently. Also, many companies decide on a private investigator for situations that may not be the immediate focus of law enforcement. When it comes to a missing person private investigator, common businesses and situations include:

  • Creditors
  • Fugitives
  • Lost loved ones
  • Relatives
  • Cold cases
  • Runaways

When it comes to individuals running from debt, creditors cannot call the police to arrest the individual. However, an agency like Keck Investigations, LLC can track down the individual in question and provide the creditor with the information. Afterward, the creditor can then contact the individual and proceed accordingly. A missing person investigator can be invaluable for finding everyone from a long-lost family member to wanted individuals.

Other Services Provided by Keck Investigations, LLC

Keck Investigations, LLC offers many investigative services for Tampa clients. Besides assisting as a missing person investigator, the private investigators at Keck Investigations, LLC can also help with:

Surveillance operations can be useful in many situations where one may be dishonest. For example, if someone is lying about an injury, they may not be expecting someone to be watching them. While they may act hurt when it matters, they may be kicking their feet up when they believe no one is around. Surveillance is also excellent in domestic investigations. Issues such as custody can raise questions as to who is fit for custody.

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If you do not believe a former spouse or guardian is competent enough to handle your child, then a thorough investigation may bring specific facts to light. For example, if they are not actively home taking care of the child when they should be or engaging in behavior that may be dangerous for the child, this can demonstrate negligence. Tampa Bay Area residents can contact Keck Investigations, LLC today by going online or calling in at 727-254-1994.