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Missing Person Investigations | New Port Richey | Keck Investigation Service, LLCLocating family members, friends, and other individuals who may not want to be found often requires the assistance of professionals. Missing person investigations are not something the average citizen has the time or resources to conduct. New Port Richey residents should rely on a private investigative firm to handle their case when they need help. Many times, these situations do not constitute police action. While those who go missing without warning or are underage will be investigated by the police, adults who willfully leave are not. However, due to issues with substance abuse and other concerns, caring individuals may want to find and help an absent individual.

Clients working with Keck Investigation Service, LLC can make sure their case is given the care and attention it deserves. The police have a lot to worry about, so these cases often are put low on the property list. Therefore, hiring a private investigative service means you can reprioritize your case. You can receive the proper support to gain peace of mind and a quicker resolution with Keck. Our investigators have decades of experience working with individuals throughout the Tampa Bay area. If you reside in New Port Richey, then you can take rely on the professional experience and expertise of private investigators to improve to support your case and get results.

Better Support

One of the most significant benefits of investing in private investigative services is the comprehensive support, service, and attention you will receive. Experienced investigative firms have the resources and techniques to handle communication with their clients properly. Law enforcement is often too busy to dedicate their full attention to missing person cases. While they do what they can, many people find that they do not get the updates on progress, evidence, and documentation they expect from the police. Fortunately, Keck’s investigators provide New Port Richey residents with discreet and reliable assistance. Instead, our team keeps you up-to-date on your case every step of the way. Once a person is located, you have the discretion to do what you want with the information. It is not the job of investigators to arrest or detain individuals.


With the necessary evidence comes more attention and action from law enforcement. Many times, officers cannot act on assumptions. If you are the only witness, then taking someone to court or pushing your missing person investigations can be difficult. New Port Richey clients that require results as soon as possible are much better off working with a private investigative firm. For one, experienced investigators have resources across the state and country that can help track down an individual. Here at Keck Investigation Service, LLC, our investigators have the equipment and skills to conduct proper surveillance operations. Clients will receive progress updates that help them plan for the future.

Handle Varying Missing Person Investigations

While a lost loved one is a great reason to invest in missing person investigations, many other situations benefit from the investigative prowess of the professionals. Fraudulent criminals can leave the New Port Richey area or Florida altogether to avoid prosecution. Due to differences in jurisdiction, law enforcement can be slow to react, particularly with white collar crimes like fraud. Through missing person investigations, you can locate fraudulent individuals and fugitives evading the law. Getting the attention of local law enforcement regarding potential criminal activity or fugitives can allow you to resolve issues more safely. Further police involvement after contributions from investigators can also reveal further wrongdoings and evidence that can strengthen a case. New Port Richey clients can rely on professional missing person investigations to give them peace of mind and beneficial information.

Benefit from Keck’s Investigative Services in Tampa Bay

Beyond missing person investigations, clients who chose Keck can take advantage of numerous other services. If you believe someone is illegally monitoring you, then counter surveillance options are available. Professionals can better locate modern surveillance devices and even assist in protecting against cybercrimes. New Port Richey residents can get the most out of their professional investigative experience by contacting Keck Investigation Service, LLC. You can contact us online or call today at (727) 254-1994.