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Private Investigators | Clearwater | Keck Investigation Service, LLCClearwater residents dealing with sensitive legal or personal dilemmas require a professional edge to help resolve matters as soon as possible. With the help of private investigators, clients can receive discrete and proper investigation services. While many people may believe police investigators and those from an investigative firm are the same, there are significant differences. When it comes to cases, law enforcement will only investigate certain crimes like homicide.

If you are dealing with cases of theft, auto accident fraud, or missing persons, then you will likely not receive as much attention. During these situations, time can be crucial as legal cases may be pending or ongoing. Having adequate evidence can make all the difference in ensuring the court comes to the right decision. It is best to rely on private investigators that have years of experience and the right resources.

What Cases Can Private Investigators Handle?

Be sure to look for relevant experience when researching a service to handle your investigation. Private investigation services can actually provide more in-depth help and expertise than other options. Many private investigators have years, if not decades, of combined experience dealing with sensitive matters. A investigator agency also provides more detailed case reports for clients. Law enforcement officers do not need to inform you of their progress or provide copies of evidence that may assist you during a case. Many times, when you work with public investigation teams, it is only during critical moments or when a suspect is in custody that you hear an update on the situation. Finding the right professionals to handle your case in Clearwater begins with ensuring they can handle situations involving your case. At Keck Investigation Service, LLC, clients can receive help with a variety of matters, including:

Missing Persons

Many missing person cases require a more direct approach that a police investigation may not provide. Private investigators do not have to prioritize dozens of other cases that come in weekly and can help locate individuals much more effectively. Clearwater residents seeking resolution can benefit from our expertise in finding those who would rather stay hidden.

Counter Surveillance and Cybercrimes

Not everyone takes the necessary precautions to provide proper protection for online accounts and sensitive information in places like workplace offices. Those in the Clearwater area who handle crucial or confidential information can become the victims of eavesdropping or electronic surveillance. Without any notice, criminals can plant software on office computers or bugs in unseen places. To avoid being taken advantage of, owners can invest in technical surveillance counter-measures (TSCM). The term comes from the Department of Defense and refers to a particular series of bug-sweeping and counter surveillance techniques. While many do not believe they will be victims of illegal surveillance or cybercrimes, cybersecurity experts estimate the costs of cybercrimes to be around $6 trillion annually. Plenty of individuals can be unaware of monitoring or security flaws, but a professional investigation team can uncover the truth.

Accident and Fraud Investigations

Private investigators at Keck Investigation Service, LLC can also investigate matters involving auto accidents and payment schemes. One of the most prevalent and rising crimes throughout the Clearwater area is insurance fraud. Those with experience taking advantage of companies and individuals will know who to target, such as young drivers or the elderly. This makes it difficult for drivers to adequately defend themselves from false claims.

Private investigators afford clients a fighting chance in avoiding fraudulent charges. A common scheme is to exacerbate injuries to sue you directly later on. Despite popular belief, no-fault states still have exceptions in which one can directly sue an individual. If a criminal pretends to have a temporary debilitating injury, they may be able to sue you regardless of any past insurance payments. Clearwater residents can better gather evidence linking fraudulent individuals to prior schemes and defending their case.

BAckground Investigations

At Keck Investigation services we offer many different background investigations, some from the business to your home, making sure that your business and/or your family are safe. Below are some examples of what we do.

Tenant Background Checks

If you are looking to rent an apartment, house or condo more than likely they will run a background check. This way they have more information on who you are so they can make a more informed decision if you are a safe tenant. If you are a landlord and are looking to get that same information for your business Keck Investigation private investigation service can find out whatever you need to make sure you can make an informed decision. We understand that having a tenant that stays for the long haul is better than a high turn over rate. With a proper background check we can lower the turn over rate by finding you good tenants.

Room Mate Background Checks

We understand in todays day in age that searching for a roommate can be scary. Not knowing who is moving into your home is a frightening task especially when you are handing your keys over to your home with your valuables in it. We do extensive background checks and how deep we go is up to you. Just like being a landlord of a building, we will help you gain enough information where you can make an informed decision into who you are letting into your home.

Employment Background Investigations

Do you know how many people fill out an application and lie on one part or another of it? 78% of job seekers lie sometime in the hiring process! WOW! At Keck Investigation services we put your mind a little more at ease with giving you proper information on who you are letting into your company. Do you want someone who is honest and dependable in your company? Then let us find out the real truth for you.

Nanny Background Checks

Kids are our pride and joy and we would protect them with our lives. So its important that we know who we are living them with. With all the news about bad nannies yelling at the kids and/or abusing them don;t you want to make sure that you have done your due diligence on who you are leaving them with?

We will verify:

  • social security numbers
  • Address
  • Criminal Background
    • Sex Offender registries
    • Prison, parole and release files from Department of Corrections, Clerk of Courts and other agencies.

Social Media Investigations

96% of police departments use social media in some way and 80% reported it had actually assisted them in solving crimes. We have also used social media for civil cases, custody cases, divorce, harassment, stalking, infidelity and violations of company policies. Does your significant other having many other accounts and when you ask why they change the subject? We can provide you with a deep dive into the reasons of their excuses and even gather evidence for all the other cases.

Benefit from Discrete and Professional Services at Keck Investigation Service, LLC

One of the significant benefits of working with private investigators is discretion. Clients are legally protected and do not need to fear an investigator releasing their information. If you are in the Clearwater area, then contact Keck Investigation Service, LLC today by contacting us online or calling (727) 254-1994.