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Are you looking for experienced investigators that work efficiently and quickly? Our private investigators in Pinellas County can help!

Pinellas County is rated one of the best metropolitan counties in Florida to live in based on housing costs, crime rates, availability of healthcare, and traffic congestion.

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Civil Attorneys

An accident is a serious and usually traumatic event in a person’s life. Our private investigators in Pinellas County work with both individuals and attorneys to conduct thorough, in-depth investigations to identify and gather proof of whose fault the accident was.

At Keck Investigation Service, we understand that the information we gather is usually used as evidence in legal proceedings. Regardless of the case, our private investigators in Pinellas County will ensure the information is gathered, documented, and delivered timely.

Family Law Attorneys

Do you have concerns about your client’s child’s safety with the ex-spouse? If yes, it’s necessary to follow up on those matters during your custody negotiations. Our private investigators in Pinellas County can learn pertinent details that may assist a court in determining whether or not your client’s ex is capable of offering a loving, healthy, and safe home for the child.

Our private investigators in Pinellas County take child custody and other family law cases seriously. We use our surveillance expertise and state-of-art equipment to assist you in obtaining the video and photo evidence you need to obtain a favorable settlement for your client. We’re proud to say that our track record in obtaining video, photos, and other types of evidence is one of the best.

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Independent Insurance Adjusters

We have been providing prompt, reliable, and efficient claims adjusting services to our clients for several years. Our private investigators in Pinellas County have years of experience in this domain and get you documented proof to get the insurance claim adjusted as soon as possible.

Keck Investigation Service believes in building long-lasting relationships with its customers.

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Personal Individuals

Whether you’re looking for infidelity, child custody, surveillance, accidents, slip & falls, or missing persons investigation services, our private investigators in Pinellas County can help.

Contact us now at 727-254-1994. We provide legally obtained documented evidence using state-of-the-art equipment for individuals, independent insurance adjusters, as well as civil and family law attorneys.

Why Keck Investigation Service?

Keck Investigation Service is a professional, licensed, insured, and owned and operated private investigation agency based in Tampa Bay, Florida.

Our private investigators in Pinellas County provide high-quality service. You can be assured of personalized and professional attention with prompt reporting. We’re dedicated to offering you the highest quality services in a cost-effective, timely manner.

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