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Professional investigators or P.I.’s—commonly referred to as “private investigators” or “private eyes”—are licensed to provide investigatory law services to individuals and businesses.


Our agency is a Florida Board-Certified Investigator, one of only 36 in the entire state. Our private investigators have helped countless Brooksville clients, with services ranging from background checks and domestic investigations (e.g., child custody and infidelity cases) to criminal investigations (e.g., evidence gathering and witness statements).


Surveillance Operations


Keck Investigation Service, LLC specializes in surveillance operations. Our experienced private investigators are highly skilled in the most cutting-edge surveillance techniques. Clients in the Brooksville area seek our surveillance expertise for a variety of reasons, including:


  • Insurance fraud cases (e.g., workers’ compensation lawsuits)
  • Matrimonial investigation (e.g., infidelity)
  • Child custody cases
  • Tracking a teenager under your care
  • Childcare or eldercare monitoring


Physical and Electronic Surveillance


Covert surveillance techniques prevent the subject from becoming aware that they are being observed. Our private investigators in Brooksville use physical surveillance methods—maintaining constant watch over the subject from a vehicle or on foot—and electronic surveillance procedures using state-of-the-art equipment to document the subject’s activities. We provide our clients with detailed reports, along with high-quality video and photographs.


Insurance Fraud Investigations


Our agency offers insurance fraud investigation services in the Brooksville area to determine whether or not an insurance claim may be deemed fraudulent. Our private investigators have uncovered many instances of fraud, commonly involving faked or exaggerated injuries.


Accident Investigations


A motor vehicle accident—whether it involves a car, truck, bus, motorcycle, boat, Jet Ski, or any other type of vehicle—can be difficult for everyone involved. These investigations are often quite complex and require police investigation. Independent private investigators can also conduct motor vehicle accident investigations in the State of Florida and are usually hired by attorneys or insurance companies to shed light on the details of the accident.

Our private investigators have extensive experience with motor vehicle accident investigations in the Brooksville area, providing expertise to our clients in determining precisely what took place leading up to, during, and after the accident.


In addition to motor vehicle accident investigations, our private investigators can also take on civil litigation cases, such as those involving slips, trips, and falls. Such cases occur every day in the Brooksville area, from causes as simple as unlevel sidewalk crevices, unseated utility hole covers, or slick surfaces. Accidents of this nature sometimes result in serious injury, so it’s vital to properly document the scene, before the responsible party makes repairs, potentially erasing crucial evidence.


Background Investigations


There are a variety of reasons why a person may wish to conduct a background check on someone. Clients commonly come to us in Brooksville for background checks on prospective employees, tenants, roommates, nannies, and other childcare providers.


Criminal Investigations


Licensed private investigators in Florida provide the same level of confidentiality as attorneys. If you’ve been accused of a criminal act, we can help you. We will investigate the facts surrounding your case, gather and preserve evidence, and conduct interviews with relevant parties. We have extensive experience working with Brooksville attorneys on criminal cases for our clients.


Domestic Investigations


Infidelity investigations are perhaps the most common type of domestic investigation we are hired to conduct. Some clients admit that they found it difficult to seek help with such an intimate issue, but that they gained peace of mind whether the results of the investigation proved that they were wrong and their spouse was not unfaithful, or their suspicions were confirmed and they gained hard evidence to proceed with separation or divorce.


Child custody investigations are another commonly requested domestic investigation.


Private Investigators | Brooksville | Keck Investigation Service, LLCCounter Surveillance and Cyber Crimes


Cyber crimes are increasingly prevalent. Cases typically involve hacking of websites, computers, or other electronic devices, eavesdropping and other invasions of privacy, cyberstalking or bullying, and identity theft.


Social Media Investigations


These days, courts frequently rely on social media investigations in divorce and custody cases and in criminal cases, including stalking and harassment. Social media investigations can help businesses prove violations of company policy.


Interpreter Services


If you need Brooksville private investigators that can provide interpretation services, in addition to English, Keck Investigation Service, LLC, has investigators on our team who speak Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and Dari. This service can be vital in certain cases involving surveillance operations or when taking witness statements.


For experienced, hands-on private investigators in the Brooksville area, call Keck Investigation Service, LLC at 727-254-1994, or contact us through our website.