Is a Private Investigator Effective in Gathering Evidence?

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Is a Private Investigator Effective in Gathering Evidence?

Some people may assume that a private investigator has less experience or training than a regular investigator, but that is not always the case. In fact, many investigative firms have individuals with decades of experience, including in law enforcement. Clearwater residents and business owners may find themselves in a situation where police can do very little for them. Expending resources can be costly for a department so they must prioritize certain crimes more than others. For example, a vandalism case may receive little to no further investigation beyond the report.

What Cases do Private Investigators Handle?

A private investigator can handle gathering vital evidence for numerous situations. The main benefit when relying on Keck Investigation Service, LLC is our surveillance services. A lot of cases are resolvable if you can catch potential criminals when they believe no one is watching. However, if you were to do so yourself, then you risk exposure. Your vehicle or attempting to record an individual may be noticeable. They will then act different or avoid engaging in their everyday activities to keep up the charade. An investigative agency like Keck can handle various situations and cases involving:

  • Infidelity
  • Fraud
  • Background investigations


Sometimes there can warning signs that someone you are with or about to tie the knot to may have ulterior motives. Maybe they are marrying you for wealth or hiding aspects of their life. Regardless, private investigators can provide professional surveillance services to uncover their lies. Infidelity investigations can help keep you from being a victim of lying individuals out for their gain.


Clearwater business owners can also take advantage of our services to avoid paying out fraudulent individuals. Slip-and-falls and other personal injury claims are standard techniques for scammers. Till will purposely fall in a gray area that is arguably your fault and claim excessive injuries. This gives you a chance to fight back as they will need to keep up the charade that they are suffering. However, when they are relaxing or going out, you may notice that they are completely fine.

Background Investigations

Background investigations can benefit both fraud and infidelity cases. Clearwater residents can uncover vital information, such as a history of scams or a false identity through background investigations.

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Residents and businesses can simplify matters by investing in a private investigator to help gather significant evidence benefitting their case. Besides infidelity and surveillance services, clients can take advantage of our accident investigation services to prove who is at fault after a vehicle collision. If you are in the Clearwater area, then you contact us today by going online or at (727) 254-1994.