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Insurance Fraud Investigations | Oldsmar | Keck Investigation Service, LLCSecurity and making the correct decisions to keep your business safe or protect yourself from fraud can be hard without professional experience and resources. In the case of insurance fraud investigation, Oldsmar clients can rely on Keck Investigation Service, LLC to accurately document and collect necessary information such as witness statements and photos. Fraud can take many forms as criminals will seek out various ways to scam companies. However, these large corporations are not going to take the damages alone. Your premium will rise if a fraudulent claim is processed under your name.

As fraudulent claims have been on the rise, so have insurance rates throughout Florida. Even if the claim is fraudulent, the claimant may have enough information to make it seem legitimate. There have also been cases of companies paying out claims and raising premiums even though the insured recognizes the claim as false. Sometimes, a fraudulent claim can occur weeks or months after an incident. It is critical that you take precautions and hire professional investigators as soon as you can for your Oldsmar insurance fraud investigation.

What Cases Can Insurance Fraud Investigation Benefit?

Though many people may have experience with a small fake credit card purchases, larger-scale and more thought-out schemes are harder to resolve. Insurance fraud investigation can involve:

Auto Insurance Fraud

In the case of an auto collision, a driver may state they are fine and leave the scene only to report damages later. It is essential that you exchange information with other drivers and witness after an incident. However, it can be hard to maintain your focus after a crash. Also, a claim may be from stolen information. It only takes a little accurate information such as your car description, VIN, insurance number, or license plate number to begin a false report scheme. The goal for criminals engaging in auto insurance fraud is to make up an incident that is hard to defend against. It is difficult to uncover the truth, particularly if they state the incident was months ago. With insurance fraud investigation services in Oldsmar, businesses and residents can adequately defend their case with the facts.

Stolen Cars

It is a typical ploy for those seeking quick money to put forward a false report for a stolen vehicle. Insurers should not be too fast to pay out, particularly if the car has been recently damaged. Sometimes, the stolen vehicle will miraculously be found only days after a company has paid out. Without conducting an insurance fraud investigation, criminals can go without notice and even sell the car for parts. Keck Investigation Service, LLC in Oldsmar can surveil and document evidence of potential falsehoods.

Health Insurance

While we all want to trust our medical providers, there have been of cases of additional unseen upcharges. Medical practices and doctors rely on your insurance company’s money, and without cost transparency, your expenses may continually increase. Oldsmar residents dealing with health conditions may find that they are victims of various methods of health insurance fraud. An insurance fraud investigation can help reveal:

  • Upcoding
  • Unperformed services
  • Unnecessary medical services
  • Fake injury claims

Oldsmar residents receiving treatment may find that some numbers are simply not lining up. Upcoding, or changing logs to charge more, can raise your already expensive bills. While patients are unaware, they may also attach charges for services you did not receive. Other times, they may perform these services with the knowledge that it is unnecessary.

Trust Keck Investigation Service in Oldsmar for Fraud Investigation Assistance

With decades of combined experience, Keck Investigations, LLC can discretely conduct background investigations, interview witnesses, and record evidence through photos, video, and audio. You can contact us today at (727) 254-1994 or online today to protect yourself from fraudulent claims.