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Infidelity Investigator | Tampa | Keck Investigation Service, LLCAn unfaithful spouse can have an impact on proceedings for situations like divorce or child custody. An infidelity investigator helps individuals gather evidence and proof needed during their marriage dissolution case. Tampa residents dealing with personal matters can rely on a professional team of experts for investigation services and verifiable evidence. Accusations do not carry weight in a courtroom, but solid evidence does. The court may be less trusting towards proof and evidence that was gathered by those involved directly in the case. Therefore, a professional team can establish trust and accuracy. We highly recommend you read 12 reasons why you should hire a private investigator

Advantages of an Infidelity Investigator

Since adultery is not explicitly stated as a contributing factor in custody cases, individuals may assume anything that an infidelity investigator digs up may not affect the decision regarding the custody of their child. If you read closer into the matter, then you will see that the moral fitness of parents is, in fact, something judges consider. It is best not to assume that infidelity will not be a factor in deciding important outcomes like child custody.

Extreme dishonesty and aggressive tactics to hide a situation may reflect negatively upon the parent. This can result in the limitation of visitation privileges. With Keck Investigation Service, LLC, Tampa clients can rely on a investigator agency with decades of combined experience to handle their case. An infidelity investigator also provides numerous other benefits like:

  • Protection from reactionary responses
  • Better resources and efficiency
  • Potentially uncovering other issues relating to the case

Protection from Reactionary Responses

Tampa residents relying on private investigators (PIs) can employ professionals with years of training and often a military or law enforcement background. This allows investigators to handle stressful situations better and gain information. People who are acting in a way they know is wrong are usually paranoid, so they check often to see if they are being followed or tracked. In that case, PIs without experience may be easy to spot, breaking their cover. Merely following someone with a camera can put them on edge and lead to confrontations.

With experienced PIs from Keck Investigation Service, LLC, Tampa clients do not need to put themselves in harm’s way. Investigation professionals will not relay information to other parties without your permission. Clients also do not need to worry about illegal activities during investigations. An infidelity investigator has years of experience and knows how to stay within legal boundaries. Amateurs will sometimes record calls thinking they have vital evidence. However, Tampa residents cannot monitor calls without permission or consent, so that evidence would not be usable.

Infidelity Investigators HAve Better Resources and Efficiency

Another advantage of an infidelity investigator is documentation and evidence. Experienced PIs will know what constitutes evidence and document relevant information for the client. You can better ensure you uncover hidden information like assets with a PI. For one, professionals have access to resources and databases beyond the access of average citizens. Individuals will also often recognize familiar vehicles or notice suspicious movements if you were to attempt your own surveillance efforts. When choosing a professional, Tampa residents benefit from a team that will conduct research and monitoring reconnaissance. While much of popular media shows private investigators as solo investigators, that is not realistic. Performing surveillance operations requires time, planning, resources, and training to produce results.

Uncover Other Issues

An infidelity investigator may find there are other issues relating to cases like child custody during their investigation. The safety of a child always comes first, so illicit activities will factor into a court’s decisions. If a parent demonstrates habits like gambling, excessive drinking or drug use, and overspending, that can impact the court’s custody ruling.

When it comes to assets, some adulterers will spend large amounts on their affairs. They will often attempt to hide gifts and spending to avoid having to give more during the division of assets in a marital dissolution. Having evidence of this spending can mean you receive a greater share of the marital assets. An infidelity investigator can better uncover hidden spending and other activities like adulterous relationships. Alimony can also be affected by evidence from infidelity investigations. Adultery is one of several factors vital to the outcome of alimony.

Benefit from Professional Investigative Services with Keck Investigation Service, LLC

Surveillance services from Keck Investigation Service, LLC are not only for infidelity cases; if you have been in an accident, then you may encounter issues with compiling critical information. The opposing party may lie about the situation or hide crucial details. We also handle cases involving matters such as cybercrimes and counter surveillance. Tampa residents can get the most out of their investigations by calling us today at (727) 254-1994 or contacting us online.