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It’s natural for most couples to go through difficult times at some point in their relationship, but for many people, infidelity is not something that they can get past.

If you’re in the Pasco area, before you start thinking about making a potentially life-changing decision, you’ll want to be sure your suspicions are correct. Working with a infidelity investigations specialist in Pasco can help. Even if you’re already sure that your partner is cheating, having solid evidence from our infidelity investigations can help you in court if you eventually decide to initiate divorce or custody proceedings. Here are some tools used to catch cheaters.

Pasco Infidelity Investigations

If you’re in Dade City, Port Richey, New Port Richey, Zephyrhills, or other areas of Pasco County, Keck Investigation Service, LLC is a private investigations agency that specializes infidelity investigations. We’ll provide our expert advice to help you navigate through your uncertainty.

How Do I Know If My Partner is Cheating?

Trust your gut. In most cases, when someone suspects their partner is cheating, they are in fact, cheating. A private investigator that has experience with Pasco infidelity investigations can help you confirm your suspicions. Pay close attention to your partner’s behavior over the next little while and look for signs, such as:

  • Declining quality of your relationship: Is your partner criticizing you more frequently, spending less time with you, or not answering your phone calls or texts?
  • Mentioning a particular person quite often: If your partner has developed an infatuation with someone, it can be difficult for him or her to resist talking about that person. This can take shape in a number of ways. Your partner may mention the person favorably, or they may speak critically of the person in an attempt to conceal their true feelings from you. You might also have cause for suspicion if your partner stops talking about the person entirely. That is quite common if the person is a Pasco coworker who your partner spoke of frequently before. Any infidelity investigations should consider this.
  • Taking a renewed interest in their own appearance or personal hygiene: When someone is having an affair, they will typically begin to pay more attention to their own appearance, in an attempt to attract the person that they’re interested in. If you notice your partner purchasing new clothes, visiting the dentist or tanning salon, exercising more often in an attempt to lose weight, or making other improvements to the way they look, this could add up to trouble.
  • Changes in your sexual routine: If your partner is cheating, your intimate encounters could either increase or decrease. He or she may have little energy left for you, or on the contrary, begin to show you more attention than usual to try to mislead you into thinking things are fine and keep you from suspecting an affair.

Dig Deeper to Gather Evidence

As a private investigator that handles Pasco infidelity investigations will tell you, one or two changes in behavior may not necessarily mean your partner is cheating, but when you notice multiple signs, the likelihood increases.

Don’t ignore your instincts. A private investigator that specializes in Pasco infidelity investigations can help provide the support you need. When you are close to someone, it’s natural to sense when something isn’t right.

Science is beginning to understand that what we think of as “intuition” has some basis in biology. For example, you may be picking up on very subtle “micro-expressions.” Micro-expressions are brief flashes of emotion subconsciously expressed, which contradict the insincere emotion being deliberately expressed. Micro-expressions only last a fraction of a second, so you may not be consciously aware that you’ve picked up on one, but you may experience a feeling of unease.

A Pasco specialist in infidelity investigations can help you determine if your suspicions are correct. Keck Investigation Service, LLC’s Pasco infidelity investigations can provide the evidence you need to make an informed decision on how to move forward. Our infidelity investigations use numerous surveillance techniques available at our disposal. The surveillance methods we use are tailored to each case. We aim to provide irrefutable, undeniable evidence to prove your case.

Your Pasco Source for Infidelity Investigations

If you’re in the Pasco County area and would like to speak with a private investigator that specializes in infidelity investigations, Keck Investigation Service, LLC offers affordable infidelity investigations to residents of the Pasco area.

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