Infidelity: How to Prove It & How It Affects Your Divorce Case

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Infidelity: How to Prove It & How It Affects Your Divorce Case

Even if your spouse claims that they haven’t committed adultery, it’s possible (although tough) to prove. If you’re the innocent spouse, you should be extremely careful that in your zeal to prove infidelity, you’re not breaking any laws.

If you overheard a conversation that’s taking place in a public place and can be used against the cheating partner, you can use it as a piece of evidence. However, whether or not other information you discovered can be used depends on how you discovered that information.

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Testimony of witness

The court will hear the testimony of witnesses who observed your spouse in a public display of affection with another person in a romantic setting. A witness may testify that an adulterous spouse was seen going into the paramour’s home late at night, and didn’t leave until morning. Private investigators can interview such a witness and secure their statement.

Social media posts

People who post on social media don’t expect that information to remain private. Thus, private investigators can use statements or photos to help prove your case.

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How infidelity can affect your divorce case?

Child custody and visitation

If it can be proven that the children may be in danger due to the visit of the new boyfriend/girlfriend, the court may consider that when making visitation and custody decisions.


Alimony is a payment from a single spouse, who can pay, to the other spouse, who is in financial need.

The court may also consider the misuse of marital assets by the adulterous spouse, who spent money on their paramour, and use this as a factor when awarding a spouse alimony.

Asset distribution

If one part has used marital assets on trips or motel rooms with the lover, or gifts for a lover, then the family court may award a larger share of the marital assets to the innocent partner. However, the court won’t punish the cheating spouse only because they cheated.

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