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Many investigations Keck Investigative Service, LLC performs are initiated by individuals who suspect that their loved ones are having an affair.

Some struggle with the thought that their loved ones could be cheating on them, and some are embarrassed to ask about our services.  Our job is to find out whether your suspicion is true or not. Our clients get peace of mind whether we find out your suspicions are not valid, and you were wrong, or you were right. We help as we give you our 100% support during the process.

We understand how emotions and the rocky road of conflicting feelings that go with them can keep you from making an informed decision.

We aim to provide you the crucial evidence you need with irrefutable, undeniable proof so you can make a wise decision for your life. The best way for us to obtain this information is through surveillance.

We’re licensed professional private investigators who provide surveillance operations legally, discreetly, and without violating the law.

Surveillance yields results. Whatever the outcome of the investigation might be, our clients get a written report and video evidence of the results.

Surveillance is the art of monitoring a person’s activities through observation. The covert observation of the behaviors of people provides the truth. Typical surveillance encompasses people, places, and vehicles. It is conducted in a covert manner in which the person is unaware they are being observed. The activities are documented with video, pictures, and detailed reports.

Our surveillance specialists have extensive experience performing surveillance under various situations, settings, and difficulties.

  • Physical Surveillance is conducted by our investigators. They maintain constant watch of a person by vehicle or on foot.
  • Electronic Surveillance is conducted using high-tech electronic camera equipment to document the activities performed during a set time frame.
  • Covert Surveillance is conducted when a person moves into a private but public location and hidden camera systems are employed to continue documenting the activities.

The point of surveillance is not to be noticed by the person under surveillance, and we will never approach them with the information we gathered about them.

Surveillance can require additional manpower. A single investigator can perform simple surveillance tasks. But tailing a person who has a complicated daily routine, or is an aggressive driver, might require more than one investigator. Plus, the general rule is that the more investigators on the job, the less likely they’ll be detected.

We bill by the hour. If we need more than one investigator on a job, the costs will increase. We ask our clients to approve any increases in manpower before we add extra investigators. People hire us to follow other people because they can’t do it on their own. But our clients also have a part in the success of our job. We will take initial information about the person you want to be surveilled, and the more information you can give us, the better strategy we can develop. We need accurate details such as the names, addresses, and phone numbers of all parties involved.  Clients also need to act as if everything is normal and avoid any behavior that would make the person suspicious. If the person gets suspicious, it can end before it even starts.

Many people threaten their partner with a private investigator before they even hire one. Surveillance works best on an unassuming person – if people suspect they’re likely to be under surveillance, they might change their behavioral patterns or completely stop any suspicious activities for a while. This can make our job more difficult or even impossible.

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Factual Evidence Courts Would Consider for Decision

Child Custody

Two of the most disputed issues are child custody and child support. The reason is they affect the emotions of both parties involved as well as money.  Although what is often in the “best interest of the child” is made by the court when the parents can’t agree. The child custody hearing is a controversial part of any domestic case.

Under normal circumstances, child custody and child support, although generally thought of as a single issue, are two very separate topics and rarely considered a single issue by the courts.

Hiring Keck Investigative Service, LLC allows you to have solid and factual evidence of the below-occurring factors courts would consider when making decisions. Having this evidence gives you a stronger case for child custody.

  • Neglect
  • Mental or Physical Abuse
  • Visitation Rights
  • Custody Rights
  • Protection of a child’s wellbeing & surroundings
  • Child’s mental and physical welfare
  • Adoption
  • The overall best interest for the minor child
  • Stability, lifestyle, health
  • The schedules of the parents
  • Domestic violence or other complaints against a parent
  • Evidence of alcohol or drug abuse of a parent
  • Parenting skills
  • Ability to provide basic needs: food, shelter, education, and medical care for the child
  • The Morality of the parent
  • The people immediately surrounding the child
  • The physical and emotional health of the parent
  • The home environment of the parent
  • The parent’s willingness to encourage and maintain the child’s relationship with the other parent
  • Abduction or abandonment of the child
  • Defiance of legal process by one of the parents
  • The care and affection showed to the child by the parents
  • The atmosphere in the home
  • The financial standing of the parent
  • A parent’s past and or current conduct
  • Does the parent associate with anyone the child should not be around
  • Involvement in criminal activity (past or present) or associations of any documentable criminal element
  • Accusations of abuse by either parent

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If you need a Family Law Attorney who is dedicated to securing results for you, we highly recommend the Law Offices of Tara J. Scott, P.A. She can be reached at 727-334-0735. Please let her know Keck Investigation Services, LLC referred you.

Know What Is Happening

Social Media Investigation

Social Media Investigations are frequently used in court cases such as civil cases, custody cases, the dissolvement of a marriage, harassment, stalking, and violations of company policies. There is no limit to the value of Social Media Investigations as they are also used in criminal proceedings.

Are you wondering about everything your significant other is doing online? Do they have multiple online accounts from the same site or dating and hook-up sites in which you aren’t aware? We can help you find those answers by conducting an in-depth search and providing you with a detailed report.

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Get Reunited

Missing Person Investigations

When it comes to situations like a missing person case, sometimes it is best to take the initiative and hire an investigator specializing in finding missing people. Law enforcement can only do so much, and most of the work they do only occurs within the first 48 hours of someone that has gone missing.

People desperate to find an individual can choose to hire a professional investigator.

A professional investigator is much better at locating an individual who cannot be found. After a couple of days, law enforcement typically calls off significant search efforts. That means, besides a lucky tip and missing person reports sent across the country, there is often no dedicated investigator searching for the individual or individuals.

Significant Benefits of Working with A Missing Person Investigator

A missing person investigator can be invaluable for finding everyone from a long-lost family member to a lost loved one or a runaway.

Besides being able to focus more on an individual case, a missing person investigator from Keck Investigations, LLC can work on your case where police may no longer be able to do so. Depending on where you live, local law enforcement may not efficiently coordinate searches in other jurisdictions. Keck Investigations has no jurisdiction.

We look for:

  • Creditors
  • Fugitives
  • Lost loved ones
  • Relatives
  • Cold cases
  • Runaways

When it comes to individuals running from debt, creditors cannot call the police to arrest the individual. However, we can track down the individual in question and provide the creditor with the information. Afterward, the creditor can then contact the individual and proceed accordingly.

We have written a blog on the question, “Do you have to wait 48 hours to report someone missing.” We highly encourage you to read it.

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Know Whose Fault It Is

Motor Vehicle Accident Investigations

Motor vehicle accidents can be devastating for everyone involved and can even result in extreme vehicle damage, severe injuries, and even death. It can be challenging to determine the cause of an accident, and insurance companies may overlook sure tell-tale signs of what really occurred.

Private investigators can uncover details that may have been missed. Hiring a private investigator for a second opinion and determining the actual cause of the collision can save money and time, prevent insurance issues, and provide peace of mind.

Our professional accident investigators at Keck Investigation Service, LLC look out for your interest as no one else is or would. We would scrutinize the car accident scene to provide you with solid evidence of the truth of the cause – no matter if it was a mechanical failure, human error, or some other reason. We can determine if it was a head-on collision, rollover, rear end, T-bone, or another type of motor vehicle crash. Our work can be used to determine the amount of damage, liability, and financial responsibility.

Our motor vehicle accident investigators use specialized tools, equipment, and techniques to look into the scene more in-depth to find out the fuller scope of the situation, including:

  • Point of impact
  • Mark measurements
  • Final resting positions
  • Determining the amount of damage
  • Driver qualifications
  • Mechanical components
  • Car condition or failure

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Civil Law Attorney | Keck InvestigationsKnow Whose Fault It Is

Motorcycle Accident Investigations

There are many hazards for motorcyclists on the road that can lead to motorcycle accidents. Unlike other vehicles operating on the road, motorcycles offer no protection to the operator, and a crash can sometimes result in serious injuries or even death.

At Keck Investigation Service, LLC, we look out for your interest as no one else is or would. We understand it can be challenging to determine the actual cause for the collision at the scene of a motorcycle accident. Should you experience a motorcycle accident, our professional accident investigators are well-versed in examining the scene and use specialized techniques and expertise to analyze and interpret the motorcycle crash scene and what led to the accident. As well as daily drivers, our motorcycle investigators are also experienced motorcycle riders. We apply those years of experience to the nuances specific to motorcycle accidents.

We then provide you the details and solid evidence we find that may have been initially missed for your attorney to develop an action plan and determine liability.

Some of our investigation methods include:

  • Evaluating the scene
  • Reviewing the characteristics of the motorcycle, including acceleration and deceleration
  • Analyzing the stability and handling abilities of the motorcycle
  • Inspecting motorcycle tires, helmets, and equipment
  • Determining the possibility of impairment or influence

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Boat, Jet Ski, and Other Marine Related Accident Investigations

Here in Tampa Bay, there are many ways to enjoy the water and sunshine. Known for its aquatic sports and pastimes, Florida offers a range of boating, jet ski, and other marine-related activities for all to enjoy. Unfortunately, sometimes these water activities result in boating or other marine accidents that may require an accident investigation.

If you are a victim of a marine-related accident, hiring a professional accident investigator to look into the details of what led to the accident can help determine the truth of what occurred. Like a car or motorcycle accident, jet ski and boating accidents can be investigated to determine the full scope of the incident.

At Keck Investigation Service, LLC, we look out for your interest as no one else is or would. We can assist you during these trying times to fully account for what occurred and accurately understand the liability and expenses involved.

We handle marine accident investigations on your behalf to eliminate the headaches of gathering and sourcing data on your own, miscommunication with the insurance company, and false claims regarding the accident.

We utilize specialized investigation techniques to uncover the actual cause of the marine accident, providing you and your attorney with the full details to strengthen your case:

  • Accumulating witness statements
  • Reviewing cell phone and camera videos
  • Acquiring photographs
  • Assessing the damage to the boating vehicle

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Know Whose Fault It Is

Slips, Trips, and Falls

Slip and fall accidents are more common than you think. Did you know many Civil Litigation Cases arise every day due to slips, trips, and falls? A slip and fall could occur for many reasons, including:

  • A raised or uneven sidewalk crevice
  • Wet floor
  • Defective stairs
  • A rough patch of ground
  • A workplace incident

But sometimes, the cause of a simple stumble can be a bit unclear and will require an expert slip and fall accident investigation to determine who is truly at fault and liable for the fall.

It can be challenging for you to determine if a restaurant or property owner is legally responsible for a slip and fall injury. For instance, a grate in the ground serves a necessary function for the property. But a private investigator can look into the matter to determine the actual liability, and if the owner did everything, they could to inform passers-by of potential trip hazards to prevent slip and fall injuries.

To provide some clarity, bringing in a private investigator for a professional accident investigation can shed new light on the situation, helping you determine if something was broken, if a negligence claim is necessary or if it was carelessness.

Our professional investigators at Keck Investigation Service, LLC can examine all aspects of the situation and review details that the insurance adjuster may have overlooked. We provide high-quality services within a timely and cost-efficient manner so you can have peace of mind and not worry about much beyond medical costs and your safety and health.

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