How Do Private Investigators Overcome Challenges Police and Individuals Encounter During a Missing Persons Investigation?

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How Do Private Investigators Overcome Challenges Police and Individuals Encounter During a Missing Persons Investigation?

Uncertainty is one of the worst feelings in the world. No matter how bad a situation is, it’s always better to know what happened than to be left in the dark. That’s why it’s extremely painful to find out a loved one has gone missing. Did they meet with an accident? Are they alive? Did someone take them? Questions like these will instantly flood your mind when a loved one goes missing.

One of the best ways to locate a missing person is by hiring private investigators. They’ll continue looking even if authorities call off their search. But what are some of the challenges police and individuals encounter during a missing person investigation that private investigators overcome?

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1. Private Investigators Research Well

Did you know the most common male first name in the United States is James and the most common surname is Smith? In other words, there are likely thousands of James Smiths out there—making it difficult for police and individuals to locate a missing person with this name.

In comparison, private investigators have more time to investigate missing persons with common names. They spend a substantial amount of time checking records using the missing person’s photos and middle name (if they have one).

2. Private Investigators Are Hard To Spot

If you find out someone has gone missing, it’s tempting to assume it’s happened against their own will. But what if the missing person doesn’t want to be found?

Missing persons who don’t want to be found often prioritize evading police. Moreover, private investigators are harder to spot than uniformed police officers. Therefore, investigation services for missing persons are more likely to locate people that go missing on purpose.

3. Police Officials Have to Deal with Hundreds Of Such Cases

Police departments lack time due to having many jobs, unlike missing person investigators. While police officers divide their time and resources investigating numerous cases, private investigators concentrate solely on locating the missing person in question.

Missing person investigators use every resource available. However, private investigators need to confirm the last-known location of a missing person so they’re able to carry out a proper search.

A person using a flashlight in a forest

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