How Civil Attorneys Can Get Better Settlements for Clients Through Surveillance Services

A car with a shattered windshield

How Civil Attorneys Can Get Better Settlements for Clients Through Surveillance Services

Civil cases related to road accidents are tricky to present in court because of the lack of information. This can lead to your clients getting smaller settlements than they deserve. Moreover, it also jeopardized your credibility as a civil attorney.

Hiring accident investigation services can help you get a detailed overview of the accident to get your clients a better settlement. Take a look at how surveillance services can help you.

Better Evaluation of the Accident Scene

Substantial evidence is needed to build any civil case. A detailed accident scene evaluation can give helpful information, but attorneys usually lack the time and resources to conduct thorough investigations. Keck Investigative services in Pinellas County can scavenge the accident scene to find critical information and evidence. This can help you determine the liability your client has to pay or any settlement they should get.

Detailed Characteristics of The Motorcycle

Motorcycles are more likely to be involved in road accidents compared to cars. If your client was involved in an accident with a motorcycle, a thorough investigation would prove who is at fault. But first, you’ll need to determine the stability and handling abilities of the bike and whether or not it was in good condition before the crash. This is where an accident specialist can help you make a strong case against the plaintiff.

A crashed car

Cause of The Accident

The cause of the accident plays a significant role in the settlement. If your client wasn’t at fault, it’s easier to convince the judges and obtain a good settlement. But determining the cause of the accident isn’t easy.

Accident specialists use specialized tools that take time-stamped photos and videos that record vehicle damage. Courts can use this information to determine whether it was a head-on collision, rear-end collision, or T-bone crash, and determine who was at fault.

A Detailed Report and Evidence

After finishing the investigation and gathering all the data, the accident specialist writes a detailed report highlighting the impact point, the measurements, the damage, mechanical failures, and the driver’s qualifications regarding the accident.

This report, along with the pictures, video, and measurements, helps you put things into perspective and present a strong case in court in favor of your client. Moreover, the accident specialist provides evidence that’ll be admissible in the court of law to solidify your case.

Help You Clients Get Better Settlements In Civil Cases With Keck Investigation

At Keck Investigation, we offer accident investigation services in Hernando, Pinellas, and Pasco County. Our accident specialists scrutinize auto and motorcycle accidents to find solid evidence to help civil law attorneys obtain better settlements for their clients. We also determine the amount of damage, financial responsibility, and liability so you can build an action plan for your case. Besides that, we also offer our clients child custody investigation and infidelity investigation services. Reach out to us for detailed information and schedule a free consultation today!