How Can An Investigative Service Help Lawyers Gather Evidence?

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How Can An Investigative Service Help Lawyers Gather Evidence?

You can build strong defense strategies if you have the relevant evidence. However, gathering this evidence while juggling multiple lawsuits isn’t easy. That’s why you can turn to investigation services to help you gather the information you need to strengthen your cases. Investigators can research and obtain evidence from pre-trial discovery to the actual trial and help your clients gain the upper hand in court. Here are the things an investigation service can help you with.

Do Background Research

Background investigation can help you have all available information and find discrepancies that’ll help you make a stronger case for your client. Besides that, skilled investigators can look at past employment records and question former coworkers to determine the personality and character of the person.

Find Witnesses

Investigation services have trained professionals to track down witnesses and get their statements. Having the right witnesses can turn the entire case around and might help your client win.

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Look At Criminal Records

For insurance adjusters and child custody cases, evidence of criminal activity can change the course of action for the case. It’ll help insurance adjusters close claims quickly. On the other hand,  family lawyers can help their clients get the upper hand in court hearings and win sole custody of their children.

Investigate The Accident Site

For a civil case involving an accident, investigators can thoroughly examine the accident site to help you determine the amount of damage, liability, and financial responsibility to build an action plan for the case. Besides that, investigators can also inspect slip and fall sites to determine the actual cause of the slip and help you get proper compensation for your clients.

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