How a Surveillance Specialist Can Help Deal With A Slip And Fall Accident!

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How a Surveillance Specialist Can Help Deal With A Slip And Fall Accident!

Slip and fall accidents are some of the most common personal injury cases. However, most of the time, they aren’t taken as seriously as other civil cases, such as motor vehicle accidents. Often, the affected individuals aren’t compensated for their injuries, so they hire civil lawyers.

But it’s difficult for lawyers to gather proper evidence and witnesses to strengthen the case. This is where accident investigative services come into play. These investigative companies hire surveillance specialists who conduct detailed investigations for slip and fall accidents on the lawyer’s behalf. Find out how by reading this blog

Investigate The Accident Site

The accident site can often offer much information and evidence supporting the case. It’s easier to file for compensation if the cause of the slip and fall is evident at the accident site—for example, uneven floors, broken stairs, or lack of warning signs. Moreover, if the accident site has been previously sued for similar reasons, it’ll be easier to show their neglect and a lack of proper action taken to fix these issues.

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Well-Written Detailed Reports

To properly present a slip-and-fall case in court, it’s essential to have a detailed account of the incident. Hiring a surveillance specialist is your best strategy because they investigate the incident and write a detailed report complete with photographic evidence.

Look For Witnesses

If the slip and fall occurred in a public place, there might be witnesses who can back up your client’s story. Investigators can track down these witnesses and get testimonies from them. These testimonies are valuable in court and can help make it easier for you to reach a settlement outside of court or get court-ordered compensation for your client.

Close Your Slip And Fall Civil Cases With Keck Investigation Services

Keck Investigation provides accident investigation services in Pinellas, Hernando, and Pasco counties. Our surveillance experts carefully examine slip and fall accidents, gather reliable time-stamped photographs, interview witnesses, and provide well-written detailed reports to aid civil law attorneys in securing more significant settlements for their clients.

To help you create a strategy for your case, we also evaluate the damage, financial obligation, and liability. In addition, we provide our clients with infidelity investigation and child custody investigation services. Contact us today to arrange a free consultation and receive more information!