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Surveillance, Background Investigations, and Witness Statements

Better Settlements and Peace of Mind for Your Clients

Keck Investigation Services, LLC is the go-to agency for family law attorneys because:

  • We obtain all the available evidence
  • Our surveillance specialists and investigators are skilled and experienced
  • We use state-of-the-art equipment
  • We provide you with a professional, well-written, detailed report, videos, and photographs

We know and understand the two most disputed areas you, as a Family Law Attorney, deal with are child custody and child support. We take these and other family law cases seriously.

Just as you, our primary concern is what is in the best interest of the child. Obtaining information and evidence that shows neglect or abuse, whether from the use of drugs or alcohol by a parent or even the lack of basic things such as sleep, getting to school on time, or other essentials, can be critical in ensuring their safety and security.

Our professional investigators at Keck Investigation Service, LLC use their surveillance expertise and state-of-art equipment to assist you in obtaining the video and photo evidence you need to obtain a favorable settlement for your client.

Before beginning surveillance, it is critical that together we work out a strategy outlining exactly what evidence needs to be obtained. Since our investigators are an uninvolved third-party but sensitive to your client’s situation, we are in the position to maintain focus on the objective for your client without losing sight of what is vital to the case. Once we have a strong understanding of the case and a plan in place, we will execute the strategy.

Our services Include:

Surveillance – Our surveillance service provides critical information that can prove invaluable when preparing for mediation or child custody hearings. Utilizing our surveillance service will provide you with pertinent information such as neglect, child abuse, drug and alcohol-related problems, and established routines. Although there may not be evidence of alcohol or drug use during visitation time, is there a question of such in the hours before the child exchange? Are the children being left unattended? Video documentation via surveillance can be crucial to determine this. What are the children’s behaviors while they are spending time with that parent? Are they happy and content, or do they appear hesitant and fearful during their visitation? Are the children in a healthy, stable, and safe environment? This is all critical information needed for your case that we can capture.

Background Investigations – Background investigations coupled with surveillance are a powerful combination used to document and reveal questionable behaviors and provides you with the necessary information to proceed in your client’s best interest.

Who is spending time with the children? Are background checks on third-party individuals spending time with the children warranted? Do the new love interests or babysitters/nannies have questionable backgrounds?

Besides parenting time, questionable employment that would be detrimental to the children’s emotional or physical wellbeing may need to be answered. Does that parent working at a bar take the children with them during their shift?

Witness Statements – We speak with witnesses to determine how the child is being treated while in the parent’s custody. Witness statements are considered extreme high-value evidence in a court of law and may significantly impact the case.

As the provider of the best child custody investigations in FL, we know and understand the two most disputed areas you, as a Family Law Attorney, deal with are child custody and child support. We take these and other family law cases seriously.

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