What to Expect from a Workers Compensation Investigation

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What to Expect from a Workers Compensation Investigation

If you believe a workers compensation claim is fraudulent, you need workers compensation investigation professionals to assist you. According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, workers comp fraud makes up 25% of fraud perpetrated, costing $7.2 billion annually. In Clearwater, Keck Investigation Service, LLC offers private investigation services that unveil the truth. We help uncover evidence to fight fraudulent claims from employees and independent contractors through surveillance and other investigative tactics.

The Most Common Types of Workers Compensation Fraud

While most claims are legitimate, there are still false insurance claims made every year. The four most common fraudulent claims include:

  • False claim: this is when an employee does not actually sustain an injury yet reports one to claim the benefits. This also includes staging accidents.
  • Working and collecting benefits: this happens when an employee says they can’t work because of an injury and receives benefits for the injury but continues to work.
  • Exaggerated claim: this occurs when employees do have an injury but overstate the extent of it to claim more money and take off work for longer.
  • Premium fraud: this happens when payroll is underreported, or employees are misclassified to take advantage of the financial benefits.

What do Workers Compensation Investigations Entail?

When you hire a private investigator for a workers compensation investigation, you can expect the entire process to take anywhere from a few days to the length of the claim. Depending on the case and the person under surveillance, the most important thing to have is patience. An investigator will watch the person of interest to see if they go to work, act against doctor’s orders, use their supposedly injured limb, and more. Our information-gathering tactics can uncover evidence of fraud and help you win your case.

First, you’ll consult with a workers compensation investigation professional in Clearwater. During this consultation, you’ll discuss your case and all the details about the incident. Then, we’ll devise a plan of action together. After that, our investigative work begins, and we’ll dive deep to find the evidence necessary to expose fraud.

Why You Should Pursue Workers Compensation Investigation Services

Avoiding or ignoring potential fraud is bad for your business. A claim will not go away on its own, and the problem will follow you until it addressed. Even with insurance, claims still lead to rising premiums, and you don’t want to wreck your budget because of a false claim. Instead, it’s worth it to ensure the claim is factual. With the right investigative team in Clearwater, you can have the claim dismissed, saving you a lot of time, stress, and money in the long run. If you notice any signs a claim is fraudulent, reach out to Keck Investigation Service, LLC.

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