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Employee Background Checks | St. Petersburg | Keck Investigation Service, LLCManaging a company or start-up business requires paying careful attention to whom you hire. Employee background checks can prevent you from foreseeable issues. Many times, individuals may not be truthful as to their credentials and past. While you may not think this is particularly bad if the person can adequately do the work, you are placing yourself in a legal predicament. Laws regarding hiring are sometimes hazy and hard to understand. Because of this, many businesses throughout the St. Petersburg area may not apply due diligence in their recruitment. A private investigator agency like Keck Investigation Service, LLC can ensure you get information critical to your hiring decisions.

There is often a misunderstanding when it comes to employee background checks and temporary jobs. Regulation can differ between states and countries. If employers deal in multiple states or countries, then you should keep up with current laws. In Florida, negligent hiring is the term used to refer to a business that does not apply a proper amount of vetting of information. To a certain extent, you may be liable for any incidents that arise with that employee. Regulation often applies to temporary hires as well. By working with the right investigative agency, employers in St. Petersburg can avoid dishonest applicants.

What Counts as Negligent Hiring?

The most dangerous but unknown issue to many employers is negligent hiring. While financial matters can show trends and commonly result in fees, negligent hiring is often costlier. For one, a worker can be responsible for many factors of your business and customer information. Depending on the extent of their responsibilities, their lack of qualifications may result in injury or even death. It is only when investigations begin that information about a negligent hire arises.

Without any employee background checks, employers in St. Petersburg are put in a position with very little legal protection. Lawsuits from serious issues, like wrongful death, can go on for months. Meanwhile, operating your business will be difficult with legal fees continually draining resources. At the end of the case, you will also most likely be found partly responsible. Permanent injuries can also result in long-lasting payments. For an employee to be considered a negligent hire, a business must:

  • Forgo investigations when required
  • Rely on inadequate investigations
  • Hire an unfit worker with prior knowledge

St. Petersburg business owners should not rely on just any company to conduct comprehensive checks. Private investigators have the training and background to deal with individual cases. Rather than dealing with multiple lawsuits due to an employee, you can ensure you conduct a proper investigation.

Benefits of Employee Background Checks

St. Petersburg businesses of all industries and sizes greatly benefit from employee background checks. In the case of financial services, checks can help you avoid incompetent applicants. Even with the right recommendations, they may be hiding essential factors such as being fired for repeated infractions. St. Petersburg businesses can gain liability protection and higher quality hires with the right investigators.

Liability Protection

The main benefit of employee background checks is that it protects you and your business. With negligent hiring situations, someone will likely sue both you and the worker. A reasonable investigation from a professional can count towards adequate vetting of information. During a check, investigators can uncover:

  • Differences in driver’s license information
  • False college degree
  • Driving records
  • Past lawsuits
  • Lies about previous employment or reasons for departure
  • Hidden criminal record
  • Fake Social Security information

Higher Quality Hires

In addition to the legal benefits, employee background checks also allow employers to hire the best people. Instead of someone who alters the truth to get a role, you can ensure you get the most honest and experienced individual for the position.

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