Don’t Take the Fault; Get an Auto Accident Investigation

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Don’t Take the Fault; Get an Auto Accident Investigation

If you are assigned fault for a St. Petersburg collision but feel that you are not entirely responsible, a professional auto accident investigation can help you defend yourself in court. Fault is not simple to determine, yet an officer will usually make a quick judgment at the scene of a collision. If the fault falls on you after a crash, a closer look at the details may prove otherwise. If you find yourself carrying the blame, let the professional investigators at Keck Investigation Service help you to defend yourself before the judge.

Why Fault Matters in an Auto Accident Investigation

A collision in St. Petersburg is rarely black and white. Each person involved may have some percentage of fault and liability fall on them, and an auto accident investigation allows the facts of the situation to reveal what percentage of responsibility each person should be assigned. The percentage you are blamed for can impact how the case is settled. Here are some reasons why fault matters:

  1. Violations: You may receive a traffic citation even though it was not your fault. Traffic citations result in fines, points on your driving record, and proof for the insurance company that you are at-fault.
  2. Insurance: Fault will determine insurance claims. The insurance provider of the driver who is at-fault will be responsible for the damage awards, medical expenses, pain and suffering, and lost wages which can add up to huge sums of money.
  3. Damage awards: Fault or percentage of fault determines who is responsible for the damages and injuries caused by accident. The type of insurance coverage you carry and the other drivers involved play a significant role in compensation; in many cases, the at-fault driver may not receive property damage awards, making an auto accident investigation a high priority.
  4. Emotional trauma: People are more at ease when they know that it was not their fault. Even splitting the percentage of negligence between two St. Petersburg drivers helps relieve the tension that comes with receiving blame for property damage, another person’s injury, or in the worst-case scenario, another person’s death. Your guilt will abate when the facts prove that it was not altogether your fault.

If you believe the fault does not lie with you, get the truth with help from a professional investigator.

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An auto accident investigation can reveal some or all of the responsibility for the damages and injuries in a St. Petersburg car accident. Let the professional investigators at Keck Investigation Service, LLC uncover the details and help you solidify your case. Call 727-254-1994 today!