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Domestic Surveillance | New Port Richey | Keck Investigation Service, LLCNew Port Richey residents dealing with personal situations requiring investigation should not wait until it becomes a more serious matter. Domestic surveillance affords clients a personalized approach to their case. Not just anyone can conduct a case in your name, and amateur investigators risk legal prosecution. Being a private investigator means knowing how to stay within the law. Obtaining information through illegal means can remove your opportunity to use it in court. The evidence becomes inadmissible, and you may open yourself up to litigation.

Recording someone’s phone, trespassing, and even recording a conversation between you and another individual infringes on someone’s privacy. Businesses and individuals within New Port Richey must inform people calling you that you may be recording the conversation to do so legally. With services from a investigator agency, you can gather better evidence through a legal and straightforward process. Experienced private investigators can also provide clients with:

  • Better results
  • Legal compliance
  • Safety and privacy
  • Resources not available to regular civilians

How Effective is Domestic Surveillance?

Private investigations and services like domestic surveillance are highly effective in a variety of scenarios. Individuals may be the target of crimes like malicious property damage. Where conventional methods like security cameras fail to find and gather the right video, investigators agencies provide a necessary human element. Interviewing witnesses for case planning allows professional to extract crucial information that can affect the outcome of cases involving custody or infidelity. Alibis are hard to prove when you do not have the time, training, or resources to verify them. Descriptions of the event can contradict specific factors of their story and disprove it. New Port Richey clients dealing with potentially dishonest individuals can validate or disprove alibis with the right investigators.

Better Results

Making assumptions will get you nowhere when dealing with relationship or legal matters. Situations such as relapsing family or friends require a careful approach. Before planning for future matters, many people want to be certain of the situation as soon as possible. Domestic surveillance and things like a Due Diligence Report provide individuals and business owners with information on:

  • Past employers and business dealings
  • Hidden pseudonyms
  • Bankruptcies
  • Past case decisions and litigation
  • Hidden assets

New Port Richey clients receive a more rapid response when dealing with a investigator agency. Since investigators like David G. Keck and Mark Lynn at Keck Investigation Service, LLC have decades of experience, they know exactly how to approach a variety of situations including criminal investigations. If you are dealing with a dishonest partner or the target of property damage, then domestic surveillance can help you better proceed with legal action.

Legal Compliance

The main difference between someone advertising investigative services and a professional is licensing and training. A New Port Richey investigator with experience will know how to avoid treading on an individual’s rights. An investigator is also not a private police officer you can send to find and restrain someone. Professional investigators will not allow you or themselves to break the law and risk any legal damages. Hiring someone who does not have the right licensing can also open you up to lawsuits. Proper domestic surveillance is entirely within the law. If you rely on a seasoned investigator, then you will have no issue.

Safety and Privacy

If you are thinking of taking care of an investigation by yourself, then stop before you waste your time. The last thing an inexperienced person should do is attempt to investigate by themselves. Do not place yourself and others in potentially dangerous situations. Domestic surveillance offers the better alternative. At Keck Investigation Service, LLC, clients remove the risk of exposure.


With connections to law enforcement and other databases, private investigators can dig up information unavailable to the average person. Operations can also require multiple people to ensure discretion and effective surveillance.

Rely on the Domestic Surveillance Professionals at Keck Investigation Service, LLC

New Port Richey clients dealing with a reckless driver or auto collision can rely on investigators to subtly investigate an individual. You contact Keck Investigation Service, LLC online or by calling (727) 254-1994.