Domestic Surveillance: Keeping Your Family Safe in Clearwater

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Domestic Surveillance: Keeping Your Family Safe in Clearwater

Domestic surveillance covers many family-based investigative services. From infidelity investigations to child care background checks, a private investigation firm can help you when you have concerns or suspicions that need to be addressed. Trust Keck Investigation Service, LLC for assistance in the Clearwater area when you need to uncover the truth.

Clearwater Area Child Care Investigations

As a parent in Clearwater, you may be looking for child care professionals to watch your children while you’re away. But before you let someone into your home and leave them in charge of your child’s wellbeing, you want to make sure that they are reputable. Keck Investigation Service can run background checks and conduct domestic surveillance to make sure that all is in order with your new nanny, babysitter, or tutor.

Child Custody Investigations

In divorces or separations between parents, investigations can determine the children’s safety. A surveillance professional can determine if a parent or guardian is engaging in reckless or dangerous behavior such as criminal activity, alcohol, drugs, or neglect that may negatively impact the child’s wellbeing. An investigation team can observe and report on an individual’s behaviors and whereabouts while gathering video and photo evidence that proves neglect or abuse is occurring. This evidence can then be used to establish or revoke child custody. As a third party, an investigator’s evidence and testimony may have more weight than a parent’s.

Infidelity Investigations

Dealing with suspicions of a partner cheating can be a painful experience. However, you need the truth to decide how to handle the situation. With social networks, apps, and texting, it may be easier and more tempting than ever for cheaters. If you have a feeling that something is going on, a private investigator can conduct domestic surveillance in Clearwater. They can covertly observe your partner and document evidence. With our help, we can put an end to your suspicions and get you the answers you need.

Trust Keck Investigation Service, LLC’s Domestic Surveillance and Investigations

With our discrete, covert domestic surveillance and investigation services, we can help Clearwater clients uncover the truth while maintaining a sense of privacy and professionalism. We can confidently help you get answers. Contact our team today online or by calling (727) 254-1994.