Domestic Investigations

uncover evidence you can use in the divorce proceedings

Domestic Investigation

The bulk of investigations that Keck Investigative Service, LLC performs are initiated by spouses or partners who suspect that their loved ones are having an affair.  There are some that struggle with the thought the fact that their loved ones could be cheating on them and some have even been embarrassed to ask about our services.  Our job although it may not be a fun one is to find out whether it is true or not. Our clients get peace of mind whether we find out it is not true and they were wrong, or they were right and we bring them some evidence they can use in the divorce proceedings.

Domestic Surveillance

Domestic Surveillance it the most common used method in a domestic investigation, it is very similar to what you might see in the movies. One of our investigators out in the fields follows a person documenting their activities and contacts. As it is such an important for an investigation, and our clients are usually most curious about this aspect there are a few things we like to tell them about our surveillance:

  • It’s not illegal. We’re licensed investigators who can perform surveillance legally, as long as we don’t break the law during the course of our work. And we never do – we don’t trespass, we don’t blackmail, we don’t hurt people to get information.
  • It’s confidential. Our work stays between us and our clients no one else. The point of surveillance is not to be noticed by the person that’s under surveillance, and we will never approach them with the information we gathered about them.
  • It can require additional manpower. The very simplest surveillance tasks can be performed by a single investigator. But tailing a person who has a complicated daily routine, or is an aggressive driver, might require more investigators on the job. Plus, the general rule is that the more investigators on the job, the less likely it is that they’ll be detected.
  • It’s billed by the hour. We charge our services by the hour we spend tailing someone. If we need more than one investigator on a job, the costs increase. We ask our clients to approve any increases in manpower.
  • It depends on you, too. People hire us to follow other people because they can’t do it on their own. But our clients also have a part in the success of our job. We will take initial information about the target from our clients, and the more information they can give us, the better will the surveillance strategy we develop be. Clients also need to act as everything is normal and avoid any behavior that would make the target suspicious.
  • It can end before it even starts. Many people threaten their partners with private investigators before they even hire them. Surveillance works best on an unassuming target – if people suspect they’re likely to be under surveillance, they might change their behavioral patterns or completely stop any suspicious activities for a while. This can make our job more difficult, expensive, or even impossible.
  • It yields results. Whatever the outcome of the investigation might be, our clients get a written report and video evidence of the results.
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At Keck Investigation Service, LLC we are here to help you find the answers you need to make informed decisions about your life. Emotions and the rocky road of conflicting feelings that go with them can keep you from making an informed decision.  We can help as we give you our 100% support during the process.  Our Infidelity Investigators know how to determine if a person’s spouse, significant other or partner is unfaithful or committing adultery.  We have numerous methods to achieve this, and our methods used are specific for each individual for each case. We aim to provide the crucial evidence to prove your case with irrefutable undeniable proof.  Identifying all parties involved in these cases is important which is why we need accurate details, names, addresses, phone numbers of all parties involved.  Our clients usually ask for this type of investigation because:

  • Peace of Mind – proving your suspicions through indisputable evidence. Find out what your mate is or has been doing, where they are going, and who they are spending time with.
  • Child Custody – protection and retention of your custodial status.
  • Asset Protection – protect marital assets you are entitled. Alimony amounts and Durations are greatly disputed and properly documented evidence can make a difference

Child Custody

The two most disputed areas in areas are child custody and child support the reason is they both affect the emotions of both parties involved as well as money.  The children of both parties, unfortunately, are stuck in the middle used as a bargaining chip and this happens as the child grows up as well. Although what is often in the “best interest of the child”, is made by the court when the parents can’t come to a logical agreement.  The child custody hearing is a controversial part of any domestic case.  Some of the factors that courts might consider when making decisions and some of those give reason to hire an investigator those are:

  • Document Neglect
  • Document Mental or Physical Abuse
  • Gain Visitation Rights
  • Obtain Custody Rights
  • Protect a child’s wellbeing & surroundings
  • Verify the child’s mental and physical welfare
  • Adoption

For the record: We would like to note that under normal circumstances: Child custody and child support although normally thought of as a single issue are two very separate topics. They are rarely thought of as a single issue by the courts.

Factors In Determining Child Custody

  • Overall best welfare for the minor child.
  • Stability, lifestyle, health
  • The schedules of the parents
  • Criminal Records, involvement in criminal activity (past or present) or associations of any documentable criminal element
  • Evidence of child abuse or neglect.
  • Any accusations of abuse by a parent about the other parent
  • Domestic violence or other complaints against a parent
  • Evidence of alcohol or drug abuse of a parent
  • Parenting skills
  • Ability to provide basic needs: food, shelter, education and medical care for the child
  • The Morality of the parent
  • The people immediately surrounding the child
  • The physical and emotional health of the parent
  • The home environment of the parent
  • The parent’s willingness to encourage and maintain the child’s relationship with the other parent
  • Abduction or abandonment or neglect of the child
  • Defiance of legal process by one of the parents
  • The care and affection showed to the child by the parents
  • The atmosphere in the home
  • The financial standing of the parent
  • A parent’s past and or current conduct
  • Does the parent associate with anyone the child should not be around
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Social Media Investigation

Social Media Investigations are frequently used in court cases such as Civil Cases, Custody Cases, the Dissolution of Marriage, Harassment, Stalking, and Violations of Company Policy. There is no limit to the value of Social Media Investigations  as they are also used in Criminal proceedings.

Does your significant other have multiple online accounts from the same site or other have accounts such as dating and hook up sites you are unaware of? We can help you find those answers, we will conduct an in-depth search and provide you with a detailed report.