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Individuals across the state of Florida, including the St. Petersburg area, are at risk for situations involving fraud. Florida has one of the highest rates of accident and insurance fraud in the country. A investigator agency can provide critical surveillance services to help avoid losses.

Even if insurance companies take the brunt of losses, they recoup by charging customers more. The best way to avoid higher premiums is to ensure others are not taking advantage of you. An experienced investigator is aware of all the tricks and methods people use to cheat the system.

Some cases require more attention than law enforcement can provide. Missing person cases receive a lot of attention initially, but quickly drain resources.

Cases like this often end up on the backburner. If a person does not want to be found, it can be even more difficult and time-consuming. Varying jurisdictions and communication between police agencies can be slow. With the right investigator agency, clients can receive direct help in locating an individual. PIs have resources not available to the public that help them effectively conduct their investigation.

Florida has one of the highest rates of accident and insurance fraud in the country

” Florida has one of the highest rates of accident and insurance fraud in the country ”

Should I Hire a Detective Agency?

Besides fraud, individuals and businesses alike can rely on investigators for other situations. We also provide surveillance services for personal matters involving custody or family. Meeting people online is a rising trend but comes with dangers. People may be dishonest when it comes to details like work and criminal history. Before making any business or relationship decisions, St. Petersburg residents can verify other’s identities. Information that comes to light may make you reconsider future interactions.

If someone has another family or a hidden life, then there is most likely evidence of this. The PIs at Keck Investigation Service, LLC have decades of combined experience solving cases throughout the St. Petersburg area. Checking a business or individual’s background can help prevent losses and falling for shady practices. Whether your case involves civil fraud, domestic matters, or accident injuries, a private investigator can make all the difference. Plus at a investigator agency  we can gather information like:

  • Marital status
  • Education history
  • Divorce records
  • Previous addresses
  • Criminal records
  • Employment history

Top 3 Benefits of Working with a Professional Detective Agency

Working with a private firm is very different from working with law enforcement investigators. During cases, private investigators can relay valuable information and evidence directly to you. Law enforcement has rules and regulations that limit the amount of information they can share.

Regular investigators are also not concerned with smaller situations that may benefit your personal or legal case. Instead, police work to arrest perpetrators. The goal of a investigator agency is to gather information and evidence, not to make arrests. Clients in St. Petersburg can benefit from discrete, quick, and effective services like counter surveillance and bug sweeps.

Discrete Process

While many police investigators can be active in gathering information, it is sometimes not as useful since officers will often put people more on edge. Clients at a investigator agency also benefit from confidentiality. Similar to what you receive with your doctor or lawyer, confidentiality means investigators do not release your private case details. During the investigation, the information stays between you and the agency. We understand the dilemma of spying on people we love, we wrote a blog about it and we highly encourage you to read it.

Quicker Response

Surveillance operations require going through many hoops to receive verification for regular investigators and cops. A investigator agency will be faster to respond and record the potential evidence. Also, all the information and details go directly to you.

Effective Services

Since private investigators have to be ready for various types of cases, they often have more experience in the private sector. St. Petersburg businesses will be better off gaining evidence through a investigator agency than anywhere else.

Choose Keck Investigation Service, LLC

Do not hesitate to get investigative services that can massively benefit your situation. Whether you are dealing with fraud, infidelity or a missing person, Keck Investigation Service, LLC can handle the case. St. Petersburg residents can call us today at (727) 254-1994 or contact us online to learn more.