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Criminal Investigations | New Port Richey | Keck Investigation Service, LLCCriminal investigations done by reputable investigators with experience can provide necessary information. After all, knowing who you are dealing with is vital in many business situations. The average individual does not have the experience and education to undertake investigative services on their own. What you gain from hiring an investigative firm are resources and strategies that are only available through a private investigator. New Port Richey residents who require subtle and discreet investigative services may be aware that law enforcement is not a private business. When it comes to investigating a crime, there may be factors that restrict or slow cases involving missing persons and other issues. Jurisdictional problems, time constraints, and workload mean that your case may not be of immediate importance or receive the attention it needs.

With the right investigative firm, you can receive critical information that can benefit a case or alter an important decision. Also, having damaging information means that law enforcement can move forward with any necessary action.

How Can Professional Investigators Help?

Whether it is an employee or a renter with criminal charges they are attempting to hide, a professional investigator can help. Many times, individuals are aware of issues that can restrict employment or housing. Often, with good reason, a history of not paying rent or criminal history can be financially risky and potentially dangerous. When it comes to getting professional investigator services, New Port Richey residents can count on Keck Investigations, LLC. With decades of experience between the two, David G. Keck and Mark Lynn have extensive backgrounds in logistics and criminal investigations.

Situations that Benefit from Private Criminal Investigations

While many people may imagine private criminal investigations as something some individuals require, many businesses also employ investigators. Insurance companies dealing with cases of fraud will often investigate claims. Though they may have a suspicion that the claim is false, law enforcement cannot do much without evidence.

Law enforcement also will typically not divert workforce to provide surveillance for fraud cases. However, New Port Richey insurance companies working with Keck Investigations can gain more assistance. A private investigator can offer more attention to detail in fraudulent cases. In cases of false injury, an investigator can provide evidence to the contrary. Using supposedly injured limbs or social media postings can provide proof of a false claim. In situations involving car insurance companies, New Port Richey can also benefit from investigating the case. If you are subject to a false claim, the criminal may make it difficult for your insurance company. While they may not be able to find a reason to deny a claim, private criminal investigations are more likely to.

How Prevalent are Fraudulent Claims?

If you think fraudulent claims are minor, know that they can be incredibly costly. Conservative estimates place the costs of fraud to be around $80 billion a year within the United States. Insurance companies of all sizes and services may find themselves losing out due to fake filings. Whether you are a New Port Richey insurance company dealing with personal injury or vehicle collisions, a private investigator can delve into matters relating to fraud. Criminal investigations deal with more than just fraud. Clients at Keck Investigations, LLC, can receive assistance with:

  • Child Custody Cases
  • Missing Persons
  • Background Checks
  • Worker’s Compensation
  • Cyber Crimes

Whether you want to ensure the person you are with is the who they say they are or verify information for employing an individual, a background check can reveal prior crimes and employment history. If someone was fired because of theft of property or has an active warrant, a background check can help you make a wise decision. Criminal investigations can also assist with child custody cases. If a guardian is not providing adequate care, then the right evidence can result in a change in custody. New Port Richey businesses and residents can contact Keck Investigations, LLC at (727) 254-1994 or online today.