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cyber crimes are becoming a common threat to businesses

Counter Surveillance & Cyber Crimes, Technical Services

With both the number and types of cyber crimes on the rise, so is the need for qualified technical experts to combat them. Most cyber crimes we see today involve some variation of invasion of privacy and/or the need to identify an unknown cyber criminal online and gather evidence to prosecute these cyber criminals in court. Cyber-crimes and invasions of privacy typically come in three different forms:

  • Hacking: Hacking of Computers, Phones, Networks, Websites, Email or Social Media
  • Devices: Covert Eavesdropping devices such as Hidden Cameras, GPS, Microphones, Bugs, Taps and Bluetooth or Wi-Fi interception tools
  • Cyber:  Anonymous Cyber Stalkers, Cyber Bullying, Internet Defamation or ID theft.
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TSCM, Counter Surveillance, Surveillance Detection

Do you or your business have the potential to increase another’s wealth, power or influence?  If the answer is yes, you are a potential target for illegal eavesdropping and should call Keck Investigation Service, LLC to schedule a TSCM bug sweep and Cyber Intrusion vulnerability analysis.  Anyone who has money, power and influence, access to sensitive business or personal information or involved in any type of business or domestic litigation has a greatly increased risk for illegal eavesdropping bugs.

Personal situations such as child custody or alimony fights and divorce often lead to illegal electronic eavesdropping. Certain professional and business situations present a higher threat of being targeted as well. Corporate mergers, acquisitions, business expansion, new product lines or involvement in lawsuits frequently invite the use of illegal bugging devices.

Cyber Crimes, Internet Investigations, Cyber Investigations

Cyber crimes are becoming an increasingly common threat to businesses and individuals throughout the world. At Keck Investigation Service, LLC our experienced cyber hacking specialists are unmatched in tracking down social media account hackers, stalkers, cyber-bullies, online defamation and cyber criminals for a wide range of clients including corporations, celebrities, law firms and individuals. We have a team of highly trained Technical Surveillance Counter Measures technicians and Cyber Investigators that have investigated hundreds of cyber crimes and high tech electronic eavesdropping cases.

Keck Investigation Service, LLC offers the only dual licensed professional investigator/attorney in Florida whose 18 years of litigation experience is crucial in the development your cyber or electronic eavesdropping case, especially in the event that your case needs to go to court.

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Hacking Investigation

The most common targets of hackers include computers, social media accounts, smart phones, tablets, business websites, computer hard drives, email accounts, home Wi-Fi networks and cloud servers.  At Keck Investigation Service, LLC our highly trained technicians utilize state of the art specialized equipment and proprietary software programs to determine if a device has been hacked and follow the trail of “digital breadcrumbs” to discover who is behind the illegal intrusion on your personal or business privacy.

Small and large businesses are extremely vulnerable to cyber intrusion and must take all available steps to protect their trade secrets, intellectual property, business and personal reputation.  A professionally performed digital forensic examination can include ongoing Internet monitoring and data breach analysis that will provide continuing protection against cyber crimes and hacking in the future.

Keck Investigation Service, LLC has the advanced training, experience and equipment to provide the answers you need and the peace of mind you deserve.  If you suspect illegal electronic eavesdropping either via “bugging” or hacking of your home or business, or if you are a victim of a cyber crime, call Keck Investigation Service, LLC today for a free confidential case analysis.  Be sure to use an offsite, sterile phone so we can send a technician to your location as quickly and quietly as possible.