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Child Investigations | Pasco County | Keck Investigation Service, LLCKeck Investigation Service, LLC is a veteran-owned and operated private investigation firm. Our licensed and insured investigators work closely with clients to help resolve otherwise unsolvable cases. This includes criminal, background, cyber, domestic, and child investigations in Pasco County, Florida. With keen attention to detail and years of experience in the field of investigative technique, you can rest assured that Keck Investigation Services will get to the bottom of things.

One of the services we offer our clients which we take extremely seriously is child investigation. Parents, family members, or family friends may take an interest in child investigations if they’re concerned about the wellbeing of a child. This could be due to child support and visitation arrangements, or more serious cases involving proof of neglect or abuse.

Keck Investigation Service, LLC takes the welfare of children extremely seriously. It’s important to us that our clients be given accurate information to improve any situation where a child isn’t receiving appropriate care.

Child Investigations in Pasco County, Florida for Visitation, Custody, or Support Arrangements


Child investigations in Pasco County, Florida are usually related to domestic cases. Child custody and child support are two issues many Floridians face daily, sometimes without results. While the best interest of the child should be the focus of any court case involving children, this isn’t always the case. Many children wind up stuck in a messy situation without an end in sight.

When parents are unable to come to an agreement on visitation and monetary arrangements, they may seek outside assistance to protect their children. A private investigator may be hired to help find cause for custody rights, visitation arrangements, or changes in child support amounts. Some of the things we watch for in custody, support, and visitation cases include:

  • Stability of lifestyle
  • The physical and emotional wellbeing of the child or children
  • A healthy environment
  • Neglect or abuse of a child
  • Current schedules of both parents and partners
  • Friends and family members allowed to interact with children and their moral standings
  • Any criminal record or current criminal activity (including domestic violence evidence)
  • Drug or alcohol abuse by either parent
  • Alienation of the other parent
  • The financial situation of parents
  • Care and affection at home


By monitoring parties involved and researching Florida laws and case precedents, we help clients achieve an appropriate balance of custody or support payments.

Child Investigations for Neglect or Abuse


Not only is it heart wrenching to learn of the abuse or neglect of a child, but it’s also illegal for these instances to occur. Child investigations in Pasco County, Florida involving abuse and neglect are taken very seriously. We carefully examine the information we have and gather surveillance, paperwork, correspondence, and other proof of such incidents to report back.

The information we gather is sometimes the only proof a parent or family member has that these activities are ongoing. The result of child investigations in Pasco County, Florida includes the extraction of the child for protection if necessary. The repercussions will depend on police and lawyer intervention. Our investigation is the first step in protecting the rights of the families we serve.

Adoption Investigative Services


Before or after adoption, parents of an adopted child want to learn more about their child’s family history or past. In a closed adoption, the information new parents receive about their adopted child is limited. Our investigative services use careful and law-abiding methods to find a child’s birth parents and learn about their background.

This information is useful in many situations, including a better understanding of the child’s genealogy, medical history, and more. In some cases, adopted children contact an investigative team to find their birth parents.

Mental and Physical Welfare of a Child


Another issue of parental concern during a divorce or separation is the mental and physical welfare of a child. Whether children are getting enough to eat, making it to school on time, able to participate in social activities with peers, and alert and happy in general. The divorce takes a toll on children and ensuring they are settled mentally and physically with their new surroundings is important. At Keck Investigation Service, LLC, we can help you find out.

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For child investigations in Pasco County, Florida look no further than Keck Investigation Service, LLC. Our private investigators have years of experience uncovering the truth in any given situation. When you can’t get someone to talk, Keck will let the evidence do the talking for you.

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