Car Accident Investigations | Tampa

Car Accident Investigations | Tampa | Keck Investigation Service, LLCAfter an accident, it is easy to forget essential information or to adequately protect yourself in case of litigation. One way to help solve any issues that may arise after a collision is to hire a professional private investigator when you are in need of car accident investigations. While many people believe that a police report or photos are enough, those forms of evidence offer limited protection against criminals engaging in fraud. They often do not care about what information you have and will argue adamantly for a false claim. Most often, the police often either do not have the time or resources to investigate fraudulent situations correctly. Keck Investigations, LLC provides Tampa residents with investigation services that protect them in cases of physical and digital crimes.

Physical and Digital Crimes

Private investigative services are particularly necessary if the fraudulent crime was digital. But how can a car accident be digital? Well, scammers only need information like your license, insurance, and vehicle description to cause trouble. In digital cases, it is best to start gathering evidence as soon as possible. The time, date, and location of the incident can work against the criminal, since they often do not know what you were doing during the time of the fake crash. However, it can also be difficult to defend against if you cannot provide contrary evidence or an alibi. Tampa accident or fraud victims should not hesitate to take matters into their own hands by hiring a private investigator. Car accident investigations can save drivers thousands in charges and avoid raising their insurance premiums. Do not let someone pull one over on your insurance company only to have you suffer the consequences.

What Are Car Accident Investigations?

Protecting yourself from false claims sometimes requires more than just hiring a lawyer. Lawyers and other legal professionals are not licensed private investigators and can only do so much. They much rely on the facts presented to argue your case. However, to get the truth, a more thorough evaluation of the situation is necessary. Finding evidence, proving events, and recording information critical to your case is the goal of car accident investigations. Tampa residents who are unsure where to turn when someone is lying in a legal situation can hire an investigator to protect themselves instead.

Hiring a licensed investigator means that they will do whatever they can that is within their vast resources and the law to prove the reality of the situation. They cannot do anything that would infringe on an individual’s rights, such as record private conversations. You should not hire an investigator with the expectation that they will illegally record something or harass someone. Car accident investigations rely on information, such as social media data, to better discern who was at fault. Interviewing witnesses and comparing statements require a keen eye and someone with experience. With decades of combined experience, David G. Keck and Mark Lynn of Keck Investigations, LLC have the experience necessary to investigate your car accident case.

Other Services Available at Keck Investigations, LLC.

With the help of our investigative team, Tampa residents can take advantage of the numerous services, besides car accident investigations, that we offer. Services like surveillance can assist individuals dealing with:

  • Custody cases
  • Elder care abuse
  • Worker’s compensation
  • Domestic abuse situations

Tampa residents unsure about a situation can rely on surveillance services to discretely gather photos and record videos. In custody cases, surveillance services can help bring mistreatment or abuse to light. If someone is unfit to care for a child, it may be evident only through a surveillance operation. Child Protective Services is not perfect and can miss the signs of an unfit guardian. Car accident investigations and elder care may also involve surveillance. There have been instances of caretakers abusing seniors only to be caught by a surveillance expert. Tampa business owners, families, and individuals can contact Keck Investigations, LLC by calling (727) 254-1994 or visiting us online today.