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Car Accident Investigators | Tampa Bay | Keck Investigation Service, LLCAfter an accident, following specific steps can help protect you from dishonest individuals. Car accident investigations can sometimes be necessary for proving someone’s reckless driving or your innocence. Insurance companies try their best to reduce losses from fraud. However, they cannot correctly investigate every case. Increasing your payments and premiums are one way that they offset these losses. It is difficult and costly for companies to engage in lengthy pursuits if they have already fallen for the scheme. Tampa Bay residents are better off hiring a private investigator.

A professional investigator has more knowledge and resources to dedicate to your situation. Also, a licensed investigator can benefit clients with confidentiality and discretion. This means that they will not share information detailing your services with outside parties. Maintaining your privacy is essential to the case and your personal relationships.

Situations that Benefit from Car Accident Investigations

Besides getting the contact information and statements of those at the scene and witnesses, individuals should always document the scene. Do not fall for excuses or promises to send you information later. Car accidents investigations can benefit from having witness information beforehand. If they are aware that they are at fault, like in the case of intoxicated drivers, they may provide false information or quickly leave the scene. Tampa Bay drivers should file a report with both their insurance company and the police as soon as possible. That way, the other party cannot argue that you fled the scene.

Regardless, schemers will still find a way. It is so common for criminals to set-up collisions that the DMV website contains a list of potential scam tactics. Car accident investigations can help protect drivers from common scams and tactics like:

  • Sudden stops
  • False wave-in
  • Swoop and stop
  • T-bone accidents

Stopping without warning is one of the most simplistic ploys. In almost every situation, the one who hits the other vehicle is found to be at fault. It is also challenging to determine if it was done on purpose. False wave-ins are also something Tampa Bay drivers should look out for. The goal of this ploy is to wave you in to merge and then speed up, so you hit the other driver. They will then argue that you were not paying attention to the lane you were merging into.

Car accident investigations are critical to defending yourself against these situations. The professional investigators at Keck Investigation Service, LLC know how to approach the fraudulent situation to gather the necessary evidence.

Background and Criminal Investigations

Car accident investigations can incorporate everything from surveillance to background checks. If someone has a history of fraudulent activity, this may be just one scheme in a long line of attempts. Interviews and gathering information from non-public sources allows investigators to gain insight into a potential criminal.

Car accident investigations can help you avoid large payments due to dishonest drivers. Tampa Bay drivers and insurance providers alike benefit from a proper look into a situation before determining legal action.

How Insurance Fraud Can Affect Drivers

The most prevalent way insurance scams affect Tampa Bay drivers is through medical costs. They may lie about injuries and fake serious damage to start a case. Depending on how severe injuries are, individuals can sue you directly. It can also affect your career. If you drive a commercial vehicle, then you are a more lucrative target. Older adults and women are also more at risk. Fraudulent individuals also find it easier to intimidate those who are alone. Besides costing you money, purposely causing a collision can cause you serious injuries. In these cases, car accident investigations can help you get adequate compensation.

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