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Car Accident Investigations | St. Petersburg | Keck Investigation Service, LLCDealing with injuries and medical payments stemming from a collision or other incidents can disrupt your life and your financial stability. However, you may not be responsible for the incident, and car accident investigations can help determine fault. At Keck Investigation Service, LLC, accident victims throughout St. Petersburg can benefit from professional investigative services to improve their claim.

Without the proper information or evidence, it can be easy for another individual to claim you were at fault for a collision. The court only has what you present to go on and will not conduct its own inquiries into the situation. In addition, most legal professionals will advise you to gather information and evidence rather than doing it themselves. Their job is to apply the law to your situation but not necessarily to interview individuals or conduct car accident investigations. At times like this, hiring an investigative firm is the perfect solution.

How do Car Accident Investigations Strengthen Claims?

When it comes to car accident investigations, evidence is necessary to confirm or deny the story of all parties involved. Since it is unlikely that defendants or a prosecutor will agree on who is at fault, recording evidence at the scene of the incident is critical. However, if you are suffering from an injury or debilitating condition, your ability to record evidence may be impaired. Instead of letting evidence go, Keck Investigation Service, LLC’s car accident investigations apply a magnifying glass to your situation. St. Petersburg clients lacking the information and guidance they need can hire our agency today to uncover the truth.

There are also aspects of people’s lives online that can provide evidence of negligence during car accident investigations. If an individual is highly active on social media, imperative information and recorded details from before the accident may be used as evidence of fault or neglect. There have been situations where someone who was at a party and visibly drinking denies any alcohol use to avoid fault. Without photographic evidence, it can be challenging to determine intoxication unless it is too obvious to miss. Images from someone’s social media accounts can provide a timeline detailing intoxication or negligence. In fact, it is common for police and other law enforcement to view social media account for evidence. It can offer both circumstantial and hard evidence that can strengthen your claim. St. Petersburg accident sufferers deserve compensation, and the investigative team at our firm can help.

When is the Best Time to Hire an Investigator?

Since evidence, witness statements, and other factors are more accurate the sooner you get to them, it is best to hire an investigator as soon as possible. One major mistake many St. Petersburg accident victims make when dealing with claims is that they do not take the proper steps and act quickly. In cases where you believe you are not responsible or a claim against you is false, you must take action to solidify your claim or defense. While in court, the last thing a judge wants to hear is hearsay and ‘maybes.’ When it comes to finding the evidence you need, Keck Investigation Service, LLC has the skills to covertly collect key information.

Other Services Provided by Keck Investigation Service, LLC

St. Petersburg residents can also benefit from many other services our agency offers beyond car accident investigations. There are many options to choose from, including:

  • Countersurveillance
  • Process Service
  • Criminal Investigations
  • Domestic Investigations
  • Background Investigations

In addition to car accident investigations, Keck Investigation Service, LLC can provide security and surveillance in many other situations. Rather than worrying about being caught off guard, increasing your security measures can give you some peace of mind. The larger your St. Petersburg business or wealth grows, the more likely it is that someone would want to find flaws to exploit. Theft due to cybersecurity and personal information have been steadily on the rise for many years. However, like any crime, it is not perfect, and information on who is hacking you leaves a digital trail. Sometimes, following these digital leads can result in real life information directly connecting an individual to the act.

David G. Keck and Mark Lynn of Keck Investigation Service, LLC have decades of experience utilizing surveillance, problem-solving, and rational thinking. If you require investigators that dedicate their time to professional and covert services, look no further. You can contact our agency at (727) 254-1994 or by reaching out to us online today.