How Car Accident Investigations Protect Tampa Drivers

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How Car Accident Investigations Protect Tampa Drivers

After a car accident, a lot of questions can come up and leave you blindsided. Tampa has thousands of vehicular collisions each year. Also, there is an unusually large amount of fraud that occurs in the state of Florida. Insurance companies spend millions of dollars each year on car accident investigations and processing claims. Since scammers are always looking for a way to make a quick buck, fraudulent car accident claims are nothing new. However, they have changed throughout the years to be more effective and more difficult to defend against.

Fraudulent claims and situations are still on the rise. Insurance companies often raise the costs depending on where you live solely because of extensive reports of fraudulent claims. So, how is one to protect themselves from a false claim? By investing in a private car accident investigations company like Keck Investigation Service, LLC, accident victims throughout Tampa can better defend themselves from fake claims and fraudulent individuals.

Types of Car Insurance Fraud

Car accident insurance fraud can happen in many ways. While insurance companies may conduct their investigation, it is not as extensive as private car accident investigations in Tampa. A typical car insurance scheme involves forcing a rear end collision. In many cases, this may not be a huge issue. The backend of a vehicle typically does not house the engine and is sturdier than the front. You will usually suffer more vehicular damage when hitting a car from the back. However, when someone is trying to get as much money as possible, they can suddenly “suffer” from injuries. The scammer will later state that they have injuries that require medical or chiropractic treatment. Another fraud technique is to increase the damage estimates and debate who is at fault for the incident.

Car Accident Investigations and More at Keck

Since Florida is a no-fault state, many drivers may think that they have ample protection. However, what many people are unaware of is that it only covers up to a limited amount. Scammers know this and seek even higher amounts to ensure you have to pay out of pocket. Frauds in Tampa who fake suffering permanent damage can also sue you directly. With car accident investigations, victims can hire a private investigator to conduct surveillance. We can provide direct evidence showing that an individual is faking a permanent injury or being fraudulent in other ways.

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