Why is a Car Accident Investigations Necessary?

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Why is a Car Accident Investigations Necessary?

St. Petersburg, and Florida in general, contains one of the highest ratios of crashes to drivers in the United States. Statistics from the State Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles shows that there was an average of five accidents every hour in 2016. The issue is twofold with many insurance premiums rising from insurance schemes. There has been an estimated 200% increase in Personal Injury Protection (PIP) fraud cases over the last couple of years. Car accident investigations can help you avoid fraudulent claims or support your claim.

When it comes to issues involving fraudulent claims, a professional car accident investigation firm can gather substantial evidence that may have otherwise gone without notice. There have even been instances, such as with a 2015 PIP investigation, where groups of people work together on a scheme. Not only were the drivers filing the fraudulent claim in on the criminal act, but so were the medical professionals.

How do Car Insurance Schemes Work?

Car accidents schemes can occur in many ways, and some do not even require an accident. There are situations where someone can “clone” a vehicle and use it for a crime. However, most cases involve PIP. It is easier for insurance scammers to get into a minor accident and fake injuries than it is to clone a vehicle. In St. Petersburg, to begin a scheme, an individual only needs information such as:

  • Your description
  • Description of the car
  • Insurance information
  • License plate number

How Can Car Accident Investigations Benefit Drivers?

With only a couple bits of essential information, someone can put forth a fraudulent claim for injuries. The problem with these schemes is that they are hard to disprove without car accident investigations. The criminal may provide a false witness, and without an alibi, it is hard to argue that you were elsewhere. St. Petersburg drivers may also find that a negligent driver states that they are not liable.

As veteran investigators with decades of experience, David G. Keck and Mark Lynn of Keck Investigation Service, LLC know the optimal way to conduct car accident investigations and shield you from fraudulent claims. By interviewing witnesses, recording evidence, surveying a person, or conducting background checks, an investigator can compile critical evidence. For assistance in St. Petersburg, you can contact our investigative firm today at (727) 254-1994 or by going online.