Can a Private Investigator Help My Child Custody Case?

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Can a Private Investigator Help My Child Custody Case?

In a family court proceeding, parents usually make allegations that put their child in a tricky situation. Since such matters must be investigated with importance, our private investigator for child custody cases can attend to them professionally and appropriately, ensuring that the child is secure.

Whether you suspect abuse/neglect happening and require proof of a parent not being responsible enough to look after your child and need evidence, hiring a child custody private investigator will help tilt the evidence in one direction.

As both parents want what they feel to be the best for their child, they’re usually not happy with the court findings. The court wants evidence — it doesn’t want to hear ‘she said’ or ‘he said.’ At Keck Investigation Service, our child custody investigations in FL will offer photos, videos, reports, and more so that the court will consider your allegations.

How hiring a private investigation can benefit your child custody case?

Every investigation will offer legal evidence and will be report-ready for a court hearing. Our private investigators may also offer statements of evidence that are sworn for the court where needed.

The investigation is for a guardian or parent who wants to prove someone’s ability to look after a child with adequate care, in a safe environment. If a dispute into which an individual should have care over a child has already gone to the court, the court will need evidence to show the quality of care a guardian or parent can deliver and any issues that may surface, like child protection issues.

How will a child custody investigation be performed?

Complete attention is paid to a parent’s ability to offer, not just the basics of shelter, clothing, and food, but protection, nurturing, and age-appropriate stimulation. Evidence is collected using audio, photographs, and videos, as well as written methods. Plus, concerns about a child’s welfare or safety are finely detailed.

Friends, relatives, and family members may be interviewed, and background checks may be conducted. In matters of child custody, child protection is paramount, and our investigators are trained to look for signs of criminal activity, alcohol/drug abuse, problematic behaviors like reckless driving, gambling, and other issues that may place a child’s welfare at risk.

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Keck Investigation Service’s private investigator for child custody cases can help you obtain case-winning information

Keck Investigation Service’s child custody investigations in FL can enable you to have solid and factual proof of the things that courts would take into consideration when making decisions. This evidence provides you with a stronger case for child custody.

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