Top 3 Benefits of Slip and Fall Investigations

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Top 3 Benefits of Slip and Fall Investigations

When it comes to personal injury situations requiring legal action, slip and falls are some of the most prevalent. A slip and fall investigator can help individuals struggling to receive adequate compensation better recovering vital funds. Clearwater businesses can also rely on a private investigator to verify injuries and prevent fraud. Insurance companies can save thousands by ensuring they are not taken advantage of by fraudsters. While you may assume a fall is not as damaging as an accident like a car crash, you would be mistaken. For one, falling does not mean you fall on the flat ground. Disasters can lead to severe damage such as a spinal injury or concussion. Working Keck Investigation Service, LLC early on can afford Clearwater residents:

  • Protection from fraud tactics
  • Better decision making
  • Better support

Protections from Fraud Tactics

Some of the most common fraud tactics target insurance providers rather than individuals. Going through a lengthy court battle can mean they receive little from individuals without a lot of funds. The easier target is the insurance companies since many will settle without adequate investigations. A professional slip and fall investigator can better protect you from excessive payments due to lies about injuries. There have even been instances of a private investigator’s firm uncovering fraud operations involving medical professionals. By verifying specific injuries, fraudulent individuals can present it as evidence for more compensation.

Early Assistance Improves Decision Making

While you may feel relatively fine afterward, the damage can cause things like your spinal alignment to deteriorate. Latent symptoms can also appear weeks after the initial incident. The best way to ensure you have the fund for treatment is to uncover issues before they arise. This allows you to prepare your claim better. The sooner you work with a slip and fall investigator, the faster you can gather necessary evidence and collection information. Keck Investigation Service, LLC provides clients with facts that allow them to make an informed decision on how to proceed with a claim.

Better Support During Investigations

Clearwater clients working with Keck also have the benefit of better support and protection. You will be aware of any results of the case. Your information is also kept safe and away from those being investigated.

Get More than a Slip and Investigator with Keck Investigation

At Keck Investigation, we have experience with various other personal injury mater like car accident services. We also investigate domestic cases such as infidelity and more. If you are a Clearwater resident in need of investigative services from investigators with decades of experience can contact us at (727) 254-1994. You can also reach a slip and fall investigator today by going online today. You’re invited to read our New Year Edition 2019 Florida Association of Licensed Investigators in our FALI FORUM.