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Tenant Background Checks | St. Petersburg | Keck Investigation Service, LLC

Tenant Background Checks

While you may know that potential employers do background checks. So do condo, apartment and homeowners associations as well. Landlords that know a little more about their prospective tenants is important. If you don’t look into who they are beforehand you run the risk of possibly having to evict them and make costly repairs after they are gone. If a Tenant Background check is done it is easier to make an informed decision to allow them to rent or not. Keck Investigation Service, LLC will find out anything we can to ensure that you will be able to tell your prospective tenant yes or no without a shadow of a doubt whether you will be their new landlord or not.  Property Managers know that a high turnover rate is not good in the industry and a low turnover rate would be better. Finding out the better tenants to have to reside on your properties can help lower that. We can provide information that can reveal everything from sexual predators, felons, drug convictions, and even those that might have “undocumented” income from questionable sources. Let us help make your property better by weeding out the unwanted tenants.

Room Mate Background Check

Searching for a roommate can often be daunting, and tiresome. Keck Investigation Service, LLC can help you find the perfect roommate. You wouldn’t want to hand your keys over to just any stranger, would you? We do extensive background searches as well as credit checks, how thorough and how far we go into the person’s background is up to you. We are here to provide both you and your parent’s peace of mind with your roommate whether you are off at college or just across town. The information we provide can help you to make very informed decisions on which roommate you decided on.  We can also give you information that will help weed out sexual predators, felons, and people with drug convictions on their record, and much more.

Roommate Background Checks | St. Petersburg | Keck Investigation Service, LLC
Employment Background Checks | Background Investigations | St. Petersburg | Keck Investigation Service, LLC

Employment Background Investigations

Did you know that when filling out an application (employment, renter, roommate, childcare) people do not always tell the truth? Well it’s true, we can help you figure out if that person is telling you the truth by running a background check, criminal background check &/or sexual offender check. Then you will know the person you are letting into your life a little better than the application they have submitted. We currently provide these services to churches, child care providers, employers, renters and roommates. Maybe you just want to know a little more about the person you are striking up a new relationship with let Keck Investigation Service, LLC put your mind at ease.

Nanny Background Check

Our children are very precious to us and for that reason, the people that take care of our children should be top notch and not only take care of them as we would but keep them just as safe. At Keck Investigation Service, LLC it is our job to get down into the facts and provide background investigations that will give you the perfect Nanny you have been searching for. Ok, maybe not Mary Poppins but close enough. Our Nanny checks involve the following:

  • Social Security Number Verification: Verifying the SSN is important to ensure that the person is a legal citizen of the USA and that the SSN is also valid.
  • Address Verification: The prospective Nanny’s address will be verified to ensure that it is their current address.
  • Criminal Background Check: Criminal Background check of their records to see if they have a record. This will include
    • State and county criminal record archives
    • State sex offender registries
    • Prison, parole and release files from state Department of Corrections, Administrative Office of Courts, and other state agencies

All records that we search are searched by state and county so nothing is missed.  Searches for items can vary from state to state and from states registry to registry.

Nanny Background Checks | St. Petersburg | Keck Investigation Service, LLC
Baby Sitter Background Checks | St. Petersburg | Keck Investigation Service, LLC

Baby Sitter Background Check

Choosing the right babysitter, nanny or caregiver is never easy and once it is done the child’s safety is not guaranteed, although one would hope it would be. Those who have others watch their child need to be alert to behavioral changes to those caregivers as they can develop serious problems or issues after they are hired. Being diligent and watching for these signs is important.

  • Unusual Lack of Communication – Caregivers on a regular basis talk with parents and children alike. Keeping the line of communication open is important and keeps everyone content. If the caregiver becomes withdrawn, there may be a personal problem or issue that needs resolving.
  • A noticeable change in weight, appearance and personal hygiene habits are also a sign of worry or a problem. Ask if everything is ok or how you can help.
  • Sudden changes in the caregiver’s behavior
  • Sudden changes in children’s behavior. Children that suddenly have issues with a caregiver, or seem to be having more accidents or falls more than normal. Parents should get involved.
  • When others report signs of problems. Sometimes a parent is the last to know that a caregiver is a problem. All reports should be taken seriously. If you notice signs of problems or issues after hiring a caregiver contact a qualified private investigator like us, to ensure your children are safe.

Are Nanny Cams worth the Money and Effort?

Parents may worry even if there are not any signs of trouble. Sometimes there may be no signs of warning or trouble until disaster strikes. There are some people that are good at hiding what they do and that is neglect, their criminal behavior, and their personal problems. For some Parents, Nanny cams offer a peace of mind and a possible solution.

These tiny hidden cameras help monitor caregivers, giving the parents a peek at what the caregiver is doing with their children or elderly parents while left alone to care for them. These cams have helped to uncover and even stop child and elderly abuse and neglect.

Social Media Investigation

Social Media Investigations are frequently used in court cases such as Civil Cases, Custody Cases, the Dissolution of Marriage, Harassment, Stalking, and Violations of Company Policy. There is no limit to the value of Social Media Investigations  as they are also used in Criminal proceedings.

Does your significant other have multiple online accounts from the same site or other have accounts such as dating and hook up sites you are unaware of? We can help you find those answers, we will conduct an in-depth search and provide you with a detailed report.

Social Media Investigations | St. Petersburg | Keck Investigation Service, LLC
Financial Investigations | St. Petersburg | Keck Investigation Service, LLC

Financial Investigation

Keck Investigation Service, LLC has the means to conduct extensive Account Histories, Asset Reports, Nationwide Asset Reports and Comprehensive Nationwide Asset Reports. Do you need to know where the money is coming from or going to? Let our team of professional investigators get you the answers you are looking for.